Amazon sword is one of the most used background plants in the large planted aquarium. In this below post, we have answered the most asked 12 questions from Quora, famous planted aquarium FB group and google search results

Do Amazon swords need to be planted?

Yes, Amazon sword plant needs to be planted in loose substrate

Do Amazon swords spread?

Yes, Amazon sword plants spread as they produce runners. It is important to plant in large tanks with space

How much light does an Amazon sword need?

2 Watts per gallon is the thumb rule for growing Amazon Sword Plant , depending on the tank do determine the light required. 5500 K to 6000K would be an ideal spectrum.

Are Amazon swords low light plants?

Amazon swords will grow but struggle to flourish under low light conditions. If grown in low light conditions they might not be in their best of greens, the leaves would be greenish-yellow

How long do Amazon swords take to grow?

Once rooted they grow really fast, in a week you would see 1 to 2 new leaves in a week

Can Amazon swords grow out of water?

Amazon sword plants cannot completely grow out of water, they have to be half submerged

Do snails eat Amazon sword plants?

Snails would eat the rotten leaf of amazon sword plant and they wont feed on the healthy leaves of the plant

Does Amazon sword need co2?

It is not a mandate to induce Co2 for Amazon Sword plant, they would grow well even in a non Co2 Planted aquarium setup

Do goldfish eat Amazon swords?

Goldfish generally do not eat the amazon sword plant, however, if left hungry for a couple of days, then they would attempt to eat them

Will Plecos eat Amazon swords?

Yes, Plecos would love them as the leaves of amazon sword plants are soft they tend to treat them as lettuce and much them as a snack

Do I need root tabs for Amazon swords?

Not a mandate to provide root tabs to amazon sword plant, however given they would flourish little better.

Is Amazon sword good for Betta?

If Betta kept in 15 gallon tank, then amazon sword plant would be an ideal addition for the betta tank. Due to the broad leaves of amazon sword the betta would love hiding in them

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