Tonina fluviatilis is a plant that grows densely in the tank. They are
high maintenance plants, and it is important to know the basics of the plant and in this post, we have listed the due to which in this post we have listed the basics of Tonina fluviatilis

Tonina fluviatilis – Overview

Common NameStar grass, Lotus Blossom
ColorThey are Green or lime green in color
Habitat/OriginSouth America
Average SizeThey grow upto 14 Inches (which is quite tall when compared to other aquatic plants)
Growth RateEven though they grow taller but they are really fast growers at the same time not slow growers as well
PlacementThey can be kept in containers which are placed where there is sunlight
MaintenanceCo2 should be injected periodically. The substrate should be
kept nutrient-rich by adding fertilizers often.
Planting MethodsThe stem can be planted in the substrate 2 inches deep. The
plants later grow healthy in the nutrient-rich substrate.
Ideal SetupThey require soft water and a substrate that is nutrient-rich.
Care LevelThey are difficult to take care
SupplementsThey require CO2 injection every now and then. Apart from
this they also need Iron and trace elements.
LightingThey require high-intensity lighting that is between 5000 and
Water temperatureThe temperature should be around 72-84 degree F. pH could
be 4.5 -7.0
PropogationPropagation is very easy. Just cut the side shoots with a pair
of scissors and replant them in the substrate. They will grow
into new plants.
Approx. Cost10 stems cost approximately 3 to 5 Dollars and in southeast Asia, it would half of the price in the USA
Common DiseasesLow nutrient in the substrate or low CO2 can cause the stem
to become brown and bare
What to look for when buyingLook for the color of the stem. If they are green colored, the
plant is healthy. The leaves grow once the plant gets settled
in the tank
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Tonina fluviatilis plant gallery


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