Water snowflakes are also known as little floating hearts. The flowers resemble snowflakes. Hence the name Water Snowflake. In spite of their beautiful appearance, they also provide shade which reduces the growth of algae in the water bodies. In this post, we have listed the precise information required for the most used outdoor pond aquatic plant water snowflakes

Water Snowflakes – Overview

Common NameWater Snowflake, little floating hearts
ColorThe leaves are green or blue and the flowers are either white or yellow
Habitat/OriginNumerous species are found in Australia. A few others exist in Asia, Africa, and America
Average SizeHeight is 6 inches and width is about 1-2 feet
Growth RateFast-growing plants
PlacementThey can be kept in containers which are placed where there is sunlight
MaintenanceTrimming can be done regularly. Removing dead leaves can be done when they appear
Planting MethodsThey can be planted in rich, sandy soil. The roots are planted in the substrate and the stem can be allowed to grow till the surface where the leaves and flowers bloom
Ideal SetupUnder good sunlight and not anywhere near flowing water
Care LevelEasy
SupplementsIn the pond, the required supplements are derived from the water. In the container, a fertilizer made for water plant
LightingPlant the Snowflake under the sun because they cannot survive in shade
Water temperatureThe ideal temperature is between 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
PropogationPropagation can be done by plant division. Take the root by digging up the aquarium plant. Divide the root ball into pieces such that each piece contains at least 4-5 stems and leaves. Then replant the division
Approx. CostWater flake would cost 5 to 8 Dollars in the USA and in Southe East Asia, they are half the price.
Common DiseasesThey are very hardy plants and they would help them diseases away
What to look for when buyingCheck if the leaves are round or heart-shaped and are bright green in color
Related SpecifiesNymphoides indica, Menyanthes indica
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