This plant has a unique structure which makes it popular. The structure is like an umbrella spread out. These plants are considered difficult to grow, but I believe with the beginners guide it is pretty easy to grow this difficult to grow plant syngonanthus belem

Syngonanthus belem Plant – Overview

Common NameTonina Belem
ColorThe leaves are light green in color. These contrast to the red or orange foliage plants
Habitat/OriginThey are found in blackwater and are native to the Upper regions of the Amazon. However, they are popularized in Japan, North America, and Europe
Average SizeThey can grow up to 2-2.5 inches. This size is the width of the stem and not the height
Growth RateTheir growth rate is medium
PlacementThey can be placed in the mid-ground of the aquarium, the most suitable mid ground plant for dutch style aquascape
MaintenanceThese aquarium plants should not be trimmed from above as the desired unique appearance is from above only. Hence when trimming is required, they should be uprooted, trimmed from the bottom, and replanted
Planting MethodsShort stems can be planted close to each other to get a dense appearance. They can be planted in the substrate which is acidic in nature
Ideal SetupThey demand soft water with an acidic substrate for their growth
Care LevelThey are hardy plants and their care level is medium as trimming them is tricky
SupplementsThough they absorb nutrients from the soil through roots, they require CO2 and iron supplementation. Micronutrient and water column fertilization can ensure healthy growth
LightingIn high lighting conditions, these plants grow best. In low lighting, the growth is not too good
Water temperatureThey do well in tropical climates. Hence the temperature can range from 20 to 30 degree C
PropogationPropagation is very easy when the plant has healthy growth. Side shoots are many in number. Hence they can be trimmed and planted in other places. These shoots become new plants
Approx. Cost10 stems of syngonanthus belem would cost between 4 to 6 USD and in southeast Asia and India they are almost at half price
Common DiseasesThey do not get any disease as such but they are susceptible to die when planted in the tank with improper condition
What to look for when buyingJust check if the stems appear healthy. The color should be green. Do not buy if they are decaying
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