Rotala sp. Ceylon is an easy plant even for beginners. This is because they are easy to care for and the maintenance is not too much. They are a little weak and so they should not be kept in tanks with aggressive fishes as they can damage the plant. The beginner’s guide will help to know how to make the plant appear in its most vibrant colors.

Rotala sp. Ceylon Plant – Overview

Common NameThey are also called as Rotala rotundifolia ‘Pink’, Rotala sp. ‘Pink’, Round-Leaf toothcup. Their scientific name is Rotala rotundifolia.
ColorThis aquarium plant is light green in color. They develop a pinkish color under high lighting.
Habitat/OriginAs the name suggests, this plant is seen in Srilanka. They are distributed in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.
Average SizeThe plant can grow up to a height of 20 – 80 cm. Their width is approximately 2 – 4 cm.
Growth RateThey can grow really fast and once they are planted, they need not be replanted again. This is because of how many times they are trimmed, they grow back dense.
PlacementThey can be placed in the background or mid-ground of the tank. They make more noticeable (when they are pink in color) with other green plants and with other focal plants or red plants.
MaintenanceThey are easy to maintain. As they grow really fast and dense they need pruning time and again. The nitrate level should be maintained below 5 ppm and phosphates above 1ppm.
Planting MethodsThey can be planted in both submersed form that is underwater and emergent form in moist areas and wet surfaces.
Ideal SetupThe tank should have sufficient strong lighting. Things to be avoided to setup an ideal tank are high alkalinity, un-cycled water and extreme water parameters. Maintain Low nitrate and other parameters high.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is easy to medium.
SupplementsThey require a few dosages of Iron supplements. Co2 injections can be done. Along with these, micro fertilizers can be added on a regular basis.
LightingThey require medium to high lighting. Between 5200 and 6500 K the leaves show better coloration.
Water temperatureThe water temperature can range from 4 to 32 degree C. the pH value can be from 4 to 8. The hardness of the water could be 0 – 21 dkH.
PropogationThey are propagated by cutting. Cut the top half of a stem and plant it in the substrate. It grows into a new plant.
Approx. CostOne bunch of this plant can cost up to $5 and you can them for half the price in southeast Asia
Common DiseasesThey generally do not have any disease. But they cannot withstand cold temperatures. Hence maintaining the water temperature is necessary.
What to look for when buyingThe stems are given in bunches. Since they are live plants, sometimes the roots are seen to rot. But the plant can grow healthy in the proper condition.
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