Vallisneria nana is one of the most used midground plants by aquscapers. In this post, we have listed precise information about Vallisneria nana which could be used by beginners who are getting started on a planted aquarium.

Vallisneria Nana – Overview

Common NameThin Straight Vallisneria, Tape Grass
ColorThe leaves are generally in light and darker shades of green
Habitat/OriginMostly found in Central and South America and Australia
Average SizeDepending on the aquarium height they grow up between 7 to 9 Inches
Growth RateFast-growing plants, when provided with a rich nutrient substrate and iron-rich water
PlacementIn aquariums, they can be placed in the background or mid
ground and this is purely based on the demand of the scape
MaintenanceTrimming the leaves as they grow widespread in the tank is
the maintenance that is required. As roots are not buried
deep hence they tend to sometimes float. Just place some
rocks where the roots are in the substrate
Planting MethodsPlant the Vallisneria plant in the substrate without burying
deep. If the plant already has roots, just cover them with the
substrate as deep burying may cause them to rot
Ideal SetupA minimum of 10 gallons of the water tank can be used.
Care LevelEasy to a moderate level, the only challenge would be is to restrict its spread in the aquarium
SupplementsIron can be supplemented by root tabs. Some fertilizer can
be used in case the aquarium plants do not grow due to less nitrate
content in water
LightingThey can adjust to both low to high lighting
Water temperatureThe ideal temperature is between 72° – 82° F (22° – 28° C) and the appropriate pH is 6.0- 7.5
PropogationThe plant sends runners and they form new plants. Each
new plant again sends its own runners to develop into new
Approx. CostVallisneria nana cost around 10 dollars and in southeast Asia, it is about 1/3 of the price
Common DiseasesIron deficiency is one of the most common diseases of this
plant. Otherwise, lack of nitrate or excess CO2 can also
cause poor growth
What to look for when buyingMake sure to get the right species, the right tank. Vallisneria
spiralis, Vallisneria nana, and the twisted-leaved Vallisneria portfolio can survive in a 10-gallon tank. However, Vallisneria
gigantea requires a larger tank
Related SpecifiesVallisneria gigantea, Vallisneria spiralis
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