We have answered the 9 most asked questions from Reddit and Quora about Vallisneria. It is interesting to know the kind of questions people have, on one of the most common aquatic plants and I am happy to be able to answer them.

How fast does vallisneria grow?

When planted in a new aquarium, Vallisneria generally takes about 3 weeks to establish itself. Once established, the parent plant will start spreading the runners in another 3 weeks, you would be able to propagate the younger plants from the runners.

How tall does vallisneria grow?

Vallisneria plants tend to grow as per the length/height of the tank, it can easily grow from 3ft to 6ft in a home aquarium.

Does vallisneria need co2?

Vallisneria does not need Co2, but they would need bright light and iron-rich nutrients or iron-rich substrate.

How is vallisneria pollinated?

Pollination in Vallisneria happens above the water surface and this mostly happens in the wild. The river current carries the pollen grains and these grains naturally reach the female flowers and stigma of the Vallisneria plant.

Why is my jungle Val dying?

There could be 2 reasons why the jungle Val is dying, they don’t do well in soft water where the pH level is less than 6pH and the other reason could be because of insufficient light.

Can you trim vallisneria?

Yes, absolutely you can trim the Vallisneria. Use a sharp scissor and trim them to the desired length.

Is vallisneria a submerged plant?

Yes, Vallisneria is a submerged plant, and they grow densely creating an underwater meadows effect to your aquarium.

Will vallisneria grow in sand?

Yes, Vallisneria grows very well in sand. When you plant them in the sand, ensure the roots are not fully buried in the sand.

Is vallisneria a root feeder?

Vallisneria is definitely root feeders, they spread in the aquarium through their runners.

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