Cabomba (Cabombaceae) is the most common aquarium background plant. They are also often called fanwort due to the shape of the leaves and it is believed they produce more oxygen than any other aquatic plant.

Why need a beginner’s guide for Cabomba? Beginner’s guide for Cabomba has required information for growing and maintaining the fanwort in a home aquarium

Cabomba – Overview

Common NameFanwort, Cabomba
ColorDark Green to Pale green, and also seen in dark purple and red
Habitat/OriginThey originate from Southeastern America
Average SizeGenerally the grow upto 20 inches (60 centimeter) in home aquarium
Growth RateFast growers, in ideal conditions this aquarium plant can grow up to an inch in a day.
PlacementBackground plant and suitable for Dutch style aquascapes
MaintenanceLess maintenance, rich substrate and good light would help Cabomba flourish in your aquarium.
Planting MethodsIt is very simple, give it a good wash and plant it deep in the substrate
Ideal SetupMost suitable for low tech aquarium
Care LevelEasy to no care, all you have to do is give it a proper trim once in every 2 weeks
SupplementsIron-Rich dosages to be added to substrate
LightingHigh lighting is required for Cabomba to reach its optimum state
Water temperatureThe preferred range of temperature is 72 to 82 Degree Fahrenheit or 22 to 28 Degree Celsius
PropogationChoose the healthy stem and cut the stem with 2 to 3 inches height and plant it deep in the substrate
Approx. CostBunch of Cabomba would cost between 2 to 3 Dollars in the USA and in Southe East Asia, they are around ½ price of the USA
Common DiseasesNo common disease problems are generally found in Cabomba
What to look for when buyingDon’t buy if there are Snails are eggs on the leaves. If the leaves are pale yellow in color and algae don’t buy them
Related SpecifiesCabomba aquatica Aubl. (fanwort), Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray (green cabomba), Cabomba furcata Schult. & Schult.f. (red cabomba)
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