Rotala Wallichi is a decorative plant. They can be placed in the background or mid-ground of the tank. They should be provided with proper nutrients. The beginner’s guide will let you know how to provide the proper conditions for the plant.

Rotala Wallichii plant – Overview

Common NameThis plant is also called Whorly Rotala.
ColorThe leaves are delicate and are red or brown in color. They can change to purple or pink in color. The stems are color-changing but they are usually red in color.
Habitat/OriginThey are native to Asian Tropical waters that are in China, India, Vietnam, Lias, Taiwan, and Thailand. They are seen in moist areas like shorelines.
Average SizeThey can grow about 10-15 inches high. The stem grows 2-5 in width. This thickness of the stem can be visibly seen in 2 months.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is really fast. But they require proper condition.
PlacementThe plant can be placed in the mid-ground of the tank. They can be placed in the background of the tank to achieve a great effect. They can be placed in the tank’s rear window at an angle of 70 degrees.
MaintenanceMake sure the tank filtration is functioning well. The consistency of the water should be checked. The water should be maintained soft so that the dead leaves don’t float on the surface.
Planting MethodsThe seedling should be placed at a distance of 2 – 4 cm from each other. This is to avoid the growth of algae.
Ideal SetupThe aquarium plants would undergo photosynthesis under the water. This can be enabled by the best temperature, pH level, sufficient dosages of nutrients, and carbon dioxide. The water should be soft acidic in nature for ideal growth.
Care LevelThe care level is medium. As these plants can be damaged by some aggressive fishes, re-arranging the plant should be done patiently.
SupplementsProperly balanced fertilization is necessary for its best growth. Nutrients like phosphate of 1 or 2 ppm, nitrates of 20-25 ppm, Iron, Co2 of 15 – 25 mg per liter, and other micronutrients should be added.
Lighting2 watts per gallon of water is intense for this plant to display the leaves’ reddish-brown color turning purple and pink.
Water temperatureIdeal water temperature is from 20-30 degrees C. the pH level must be 5.5 – 7.5. The water can be mildly acidic with 12 dkh and soft.
PropogationPropagation is really easy. The upper portion of the plant approximately above 5 cm can be trimmed. The cuttings will fall off the ground or in the substrate. This fallen part will grow into a new plant.
Approx. CostOne net pot consists of 3 to 5 stems and it costs around $5 and in the rest of Southeast Asia it is half the price
Common DiseasesThe unstable aquarium can result in the rotting of the plant. The leaves are fragile hence should be taken care
What to look for when buyingJust check if the leaves of the plant are not damaged. The roots should not be rotten. 
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