These plants are extremely colorful and can add beauty to the place. They vary in size and color. Hence it is necessary to know the basic information about the plants before planting them and this beginners guide has precise information about water lily

Water lily Plant – Overview

Common NameWater lily
ColorThey come in varieties of color which include white, pink, purple and the like
Habitat/OriginThey are found in almost all parts of the world including tropical and temperate climate
Average SizeThe size of the plants differs according to the species hence a minimum of 50-gallon aquarium is required to grow water lilies
Growth RateThey grow relatively faster, almost 2 leaves for a week
PlacementAs the growth of the plant is faster and stem and leaves spread, the plant should be placed in the center of the aquarium
MaintenanceThe fertilizer ball should be placed once every 2 months. As these aquarium plants grow really fast, regular trimming is necessary. If not the rot leaves will start to produce nitrate which is not good for the plant
Planting MethodsA short lily bulb can be placed in the water as it can sprout with water itself. Another way is to place the bulb inside the substrate and in a week or two, it will sprout out. Later the sprouting bulb can be removed from the tank
Ideal SetupMedium-sized and tall tanks
Care LevelLow to medium, Easy as trimming alone should be done regularly
SupplementsSlow-release fertilizer is essential for lilies to grow healthy. Later 2 inch of pea gravel can be added to prevent the discoloration of water
LightingThey require full sunlight. In the tanks, artificial lightning of around 6500 Kelvin for 10-12 hours a day is necessary
Water temperatureThe ideal temperature is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
PropogationProduction of seeds and vegetative reproduction are two methods of reproduction. Seeds are transported from the flowers from one lily to another and they are fertilized. In vegetative reproduction, the plant produces its own underground stem which puts out lateral shoots (rhizomes). They can be detached from the root of this aquarium plant and transplanted into other pots with the substrate
Approx. CostA bunch of water lily would cost 18 to 20 Dollars in the USA and in Southe East Asia, they are half the price.
Common DiseasesAttack of midge larvae pests that damage the leaves is very common. These can be prevented by adding mosquito fish to the aquarium. Water lily leaf beetle which feeds on the surface of the leaf can be removed by hand
What to look for when buyingMake sure the plant has pest free leaves. Crown rot can be seen by yellow curling leaves. Avoid such plants
Related SpecifiesRed bog lily and Comanche lily
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