Based on our study from famous fish forums and Quora, We have answered the 7 most frequently asked questions relating to aquarium fish

What types of fish are in aquariums?

There are 2 types of fishes kept in the aquarium and they are freshwater and saltwater fishes.

Which fishes are good for an aquarium at home?

This depends on the hobbyist interest and there are many different options available in the pet stores. There is a whole lot of beginner aquarium fishes that you can choose from if you are new to the hobby

What is the easiest fish to keep?

In my view, Betta fishes are easier to keep for a couple of reasons and they require less space (10 Gallon Tank), regular lighting and a decent filter are good enough to keep them happier.

What is the most beautiful freshwater aquarium fish?

This question could lead to war among hobbyists as everyone has their own liking. Most of the hobbyist would agree DISCUS FISH is the king of the aquarium

Which aquarium fish has a long life?

There are many stories the Goldfish have lived for almost 20 years. Neon tetras are one of the smallest fishes but they have a life span of 8 to 10 years

How do I keep my fish happy?

Keeping them happy is giving them a healthy proper diet, adequate light, and appropriate water changes which would keep them healthier and technically happy.

How do you play with pet fish?

Every hobbyist would love to play with their pets and depending on the aquarium fish you keep there are definitely ways to make a certain amount of interaction with them by doing some of these things, such as keeping floating objects, hand feeding, mirror etc.

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