This plant is easy to grow and provide a great contrast to the aquascape, even though it is very easy to grow, in this post we have listed precise information about magneta water hedge which is a handy guide to every hobbyist who would want to own these beauties.

Magenta water hedge plant – Overview

Common NameRed Water Plant
ColorThe leaves are red above and become pink inwards
Habitat/OriginThey are native to the South American Amazon region
Average SizeThey can grow up to 10- 20 inches tall and the stem is about 4-6 inches
Growth RateThey are slow growers
PlacementIdeal as background aquarium plants with their bright color they add great contrast to the aquascape
MaintenanceGive the plants a little dosage of Co2. When the leaves blacken they should be cut off and removed from the tank
Planting MethodsPlant a group of these plants with each bud leaving a few centimeters space in between so that each plant gets enough lighting to grow
Ideal SetupSuitable for dutch style aquascape as they can bring in the color contrast
Care LevelThey are easy to take care of and all is required is the proper trimming
SupplementsCo2, phosphates, iron, and Potassium are ideal supplements for fertilization
LightingThese plants require moderate to high lighting. 2-4 watts for every 2-gallon water
Water temperatureThe optimum temperature is 72-83 degree Fahrenheit
PropogationThe bud that is at the end can be taken off from the
plant and can be planted in the bottom of the tank.
This way they develop into a new plant
Approx. CostPot of magenta water hedge would cost 7 to 9 Dollars in the USA and in Southe East Asia, they are 1/3rd of the price.
Common DiseasesNutrition deficiency is a common disease that can be seen as spots in leaves
What to look for when buyingPick the plants which does not holes in their leaves
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