Utricularia is a carnivorous plant which is gaining popularity in the aquarium hobby, in this post we have answered the most questions from a famous aquatic plant community and Quora

What type of plant is utricularia?

Utricularia is a carnivorous plant from the family Lentibulariaceae.

Is bladderwort a carnivorous plant?

Yes, Bladderwort is a carnivorous plant as they feed on insect larvae, water fleas, and other small water insects

Why is bladderwort called a carnivorous plant?

Bladderwort is called carnivorous plants for the reason, they attract the prey and eat them which is a typical character of a carnivorous plant. Bladderwort has bladder-like traps which attract the prey and hair-like structure create a suction in the dam and slowly consume the Prey

How do you feed Utricularia?

In an aquarium, the best way to feed Utricularia plant is introduce blood worms or daphnia once in a week

What does utricularia Graminifolia eat?

Utricularia Graminifolia feed on infusoria, ciliates, small crustacea

How does a bladderwort trap its prey?

Bladderwort has a power suction mechanism which sucks the prey in a fraction of second and create a water tight vacuum in the bladder and consume the prey

Where are Bladderworts found?

Bladderwort plants are native to northern hemisphere, in North America there are close to 50 varieties of bladderwort and they tend be found in low nutrition level waters

What is the other name for bladderwort?

The other name of bladderwort is Utricularia and there are many varieties of bladderwort. Utricularia graminifolia is one of the common varieties found in the aquarium hobby

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