Aponogeton plant is easy to grow it’s a beginner’s win, but often misjudged my aquarist as a difficult plant to grow and maintain and for this reason, the below beginners guide has precise information which would clear the myth people have on aponogeton plant

Aponogeton Plant – Overview

Common NameAponogeton
ColorLight green with a bit of transparency
Habitat/OriginFound in the river streams of Madagascar, Africa
Average SizeLeaves are long of about 30-60 cm and can grow about 50cm wide
Growth RateRapid. A single root produces more than 40 leaves
PlacementPlant them in the middle or background of the aquarium
MaintenanceThis aquarium plant is easy to maintain, you don’t have to trim them often
Planting MethodsThe plant can be placed into the aquarium substrate. But it’s not necessary to bury the bulb in the substrate. The bulb can be minimally embedded in the substrate or it is prone to rot.
Ideal SetupMost suitable for low tech aquarium because of the less maintenance nature and spread in the tank, make sure the tank is big enough for its to spread
Care LevelPretty easy, the only thing which you have to keep a tab for any diease (leaf hole etc.)
SupplementsThe plant is already preloaded with nutrients. Maybe as an add on, Liquid carbon additive can be dosed which are a low-cost substitute for CO2 injections
LightingIt can thrive in both conditions of intense sunlight and extreme shade. So LED floodlights with 6,700 k color temperatures are cheap alternatives for aquarium light.
Water temperatureThe temperature can fluctuate but maintaining them between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius(72 -82degree Fahrenheit) is recommended.
PropogationSelf-pollination is one method where both the ends of flowers are taken and rubbed together. By doing so in a few weeks, the flowers will turn into seeds which will fall off in another few weeks. Later over many more weeks, they will turn into another Aponogeton plant
Approx. CostA bunch of aponogeton would cost 8 to 10 Dollars in the USA and in Southe East Asia, they are almost the same prize.
Common DiseasesRoot rot if the bulb is immersed too much in the substrate.
What to look for when buyingCheck if the bulb is healthy. Leaves may or may not be present in the plant as the leaves sprout once settled in the aquarium.
Related SpecifiesAponogeton ulvaceus, Aponogeton madagascariensis, Aponogeton longiplumulosus, Aponogeton crispus, Aponogeton boivinianus these are some of the species which are available in the market
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Picture Credit @ Tropica