The aquarium filter is the lifeline of fishes in an aquarium. Based on our study from amazon reviews and quora, we have answered the 9 most frequently asked questions related to aquarium decors

can I turn off the aquarium filter at night?

No, you should not switch off your filter at night. Shutting it off for longer hours can eventually lead to problems like a hike in pH levels

what filter to use for a planted aquarium?

The canister filter is the most advisable aquarium filter for a planted tank as it not only provides great filtration to the aquarium but also aesthetically very appropriate for planted aquarium tanks.

Will my fish be OK without a filter for a day?

In an uneventful scenario, if the filter conks, the fishes would survive for a day, and if the fish tanks are bigger maybe a day more.

how big should the aquarium filter be?

It is not the size that matters it is about the RPM and the capacity of the filter and the golden rule it should be able to pump in 4 times of water.

How do I silence my fish tank filter?

Mostly the noise from the aquarium filter would be due to worn-out parts and it is close to impossible to fix them unless you are good at working with electrical and mechanical parts. Our advice is to replace and buy a quality one which you can afford.

What does a filter do in an aquarium?

An aquarium filter helps in clearing out the impurities from the tank water which will otherwise turn out to be dangerous to your fishes. Some filters also have the feature to control the flow of water.

Which filter is best for the aquarium?

This totally depends on the aquarium and fish you intend to keep. If its a breeding or a grow-out tank, a sponge filter is advisable, and if it is a show tank or a display aquarium depending on the size the best option is a canister filter or an inbuilt sump.

How often should I clean my aquarium filter?

Depending on the filter type the frequency of cleaning the filter is determined. If it is a hang-on back filter every week cleaning is recommended and if it is a canister filter once in a month cleaning is recommended.

Should aquarium filter be submerged in water?

In the case of an internal aquarium filter, it needs to be completely submerged in water. External aquarium filters need not be submerged in water.

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