Air pumps are the most common products used by aquarists. In this post, we have picked up the most asked questions from google search queries on air stones and have answered them.

Is an air pump required for an aquarium?

If your aquarium has a good circulation of water, then the air pump is not required. The air pump pushes air bubbles into your aquarium, so depending on the fishes you are rearing you can decide on the use of air pump. Overall it is good to have but not a mandate.

Where should the air pump be in a fish tank?
How big of an air pump do I need aquarium?

Follow this simple thumb rule, the air pump should have the capacity to push 0.033 liters of air per minute for every gallon of water in your aquarium.

Is air pump and filter the same?

Air pumps and filters are not the same both have different purposes. The air pump pushes the air into the fish tank and the filter sucks the water from the fish tank and pushes the water through different filter media (Mechanical, biological) and then pushes the filtered water back to the fish tank.

Can fish survive without an air pump?

Yes, the fishes can survive without an air pump. It is good to diffuse oxygen in the fish tank and the easiest way to do this is using an air pump.

Why is my aquarium air pump so loud?

The air pump being loud is because of the reason – worn out diaphragm and the other reason it could be because of the air pump working more than its capacity (like pumping air into a deeper tank – 2.5 Ft)

Should I turn off air pump when feeding fish?

This depends on the type of feed and fish. If it is a tank that holds large fishes and you are feeding them pellets it is fine to feed them with the air pump on but if you are holding small fishes and feeding them float-based feed it is advised to switch off the air pump when feeding the fish.

Can I turn off air pump at night?

yes, you can absolutely turn off the air pump at the night, and it won’t harm the fish. Make sure your aquarium filter runs through the night.

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