Air stone is one of the most common products used by aquarists and debated the most with respect to its usage. In this post, we have picked up the most asked questions from quora and google search queries on air stones and have answered them

What does an air stone do?

Air stone gradually diffuses the air into the aquarium. Air stone increases the oxygen levels in the aquarium.

How long do air stones last?

Depending on the mineral content of the water the air stone would to a period of 2 months. As it is less than a dollar it is advised to replace at regular intervals to get maximum benefits.

Do air stones need a pump?

Yes, air stones need an air pump. Without an air pump, air stone is of no use.

Do air stones add oxygen to water?

Airstone increases the level of oxygen in the water with a simple technique. The purpose of the air stone is to diffuse the air and by doing so it increases the circulation and resulting in an increase in oxygen levels

Can air stones kill fish?

No air stones won’t kill the fish. Depending on the number of air stones kept in the aquarium and the variety of fish kept, it could stress the fish.

Should air stones be turned off at night?

Yes, it is absolutely fine with switching off the air stones in the night.

Do air stones affect pH?

No air stone doesn’t affect the pH level but keeping them for long periods without cleaning them might have a slight impact on pH Levels.

Can you bury an air stone?

You should not burry the air stone fully in the gravel. Keep them partially in the gravel and this would not affect the airflow.

Do air stones help with algae?

Algae do not bloom in oxygen-rich water and air stone in aquarium induce more flow thus resulting in more oxygen in the water. Hence air stone does not help with algae.

Do fish like air bubbles?

When there is a water change and once the bubbles start popping up especially goldfishes and koi tend to go against the bubbles and this action proves they like to play with bubbles at times.

Do air stones help with ammonia?

No, air stones don’t help with negating ammonia. Their core job is to diffuse air into water.

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