The aquarium sponge filter is one of the best filter options for an aquarium. It is used by most of the breeders in the fishkeeping hobby. In this post, we have picked the most asked questions on the Aquarium sponge filter from Quora, Google, and have answered them.

Are sponge filters good?

yes, definitely good for breeding, quarantine, and holding purposes. However aesthetically it wont be appropriate to use a sponge filter in an Aquascaped fish tank

How do sponge filters work in aquariums?

Sponge filters use a simple mechanism but an effective one, the air pump sucks water through the sponge and pushes the water and in this process the sponge also acts as a biological media.

Can I use just a sponge filter?

Yes, a sponge filter would be more than enough to run an aquarium and it would almost do the job of a HOB or a Canister filter. You will have to determine the number of sponge filters required for an aquarium and this depends on the size of the fish tank and the number of fishes which you want to keep.

How can I make my sponge filter quieter?

When using a sponge filter, the noise could be from the splashing sound of the air bubbles popping out of the water and this could be controlled by reducing the air pressure from the air pump using an air valve or by increasing the water level in the aquarium.

How long do sponge filters last?

They will not be worn out, however, it is advised to replace them every 2 years and this is purely basis the feedback from fellow aquarists.

Do sponge filters provide oxygen?

Sponge filters do not provide oxygen directly but increase the flow of water in the aquarium by creating air bubbles and this action creates ripples in the water, which in turn induces oxygen

Do sponge filters make noise?

Sponge filters as such do not create noise but the bubbles which are created by the sponge filter create an cracking noise.

Do sponge filters have to be fully submerged?

yes, Sponge filters will have to be fully submerged as they have they create a vacuum and suck water internally, and for this action to happen they have to submerge fully in water.

Are sponge filters better than hob?

Both have different purposes, sponge filters would be effective for quarantine tanks and holding tank or breeding tanks and HOB would be ideal for aquascaped or show tanks.

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