Cherry Barbs are considered to be fishes that easily spawn. The only difficulty with breeding Cherry Barbs is setting up the special initial tank requirements

How to breed cherry barb fish

Cherry barb fish are egg scatters and this article has step by step picture guide which will guide you through an easy process of how to successfully breed your Cherry Barbs

Required tools

  • Protein-rich food
  • Light dimmer/shade

Total cost: USD 30


Total time: 14 days

  • Step 1 – Breeding tank setup

    Set the temperature of the tank to 26 to 28 degrees. Acidic and warmer water is preferred. Dim light and water capacity of 20 – 25 cm is needed. Aquatic plants are also an essential requirement

  • Step 2 – Ratio of parent fishes

    The male to female ratio should be 2:1. Make sure they are healthy and in the right age

  • Step 3 – Feeding

    Feed the parents with rich protein food and this would help in spawning of the parent cherry barb fish

  • Step 4 – Egg Scatters

    They spawn and a single pair can lay 200 to 300 eggs. The eggs are randomly scattered in the tank, especially on the plants

  • Step 5 – Separating the parents

    Remove the adult from the eggs as they can damage them. Also make sure you separate the male from the female as the male turns more aggressive after the spawning period whereas the female loses its energy

  • Step 6 – Hatching

    Cover the tank in which the eggs are present so that they do not receive much light

  • Step 7 – Fries

    The eggs will hatch in a few days. Feed the juvenile Cherry Barb with micro worms or vinegar eels


Move the fries to a grow-out tank in 2 weeks’ time and then start feeding them with brine shrimp. Feed them well and do frequent water changes and this will help the fries to grow faster and healthier

As mentioned, the step by step instructions to breed cherry barb fish at a home aquarium has been listed.

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