The American Flagfish are hardy and colorful fishes that show a variety of moods and contradictions. They are gaining popularity in the last decade across the globe

How to breed American Flagfish?

They are very easy to breed considering the fact that they are aggressive fishes.u003cstrongu003e Below listed steps will guide you through the easiest way to breed the American Flagfishu003c/strongu003e

Required supplies

  • Breeding Pair American Flag fish
  • Brine Shrimp

Required tools

  • Breeding Tank
  • Grow out Tank
  • Spawning mop

Total cost: USD 30


Total time: 14 days

  • Step 1 – Tank Preparation

    Increase the temperature to 75 F, increase the amount of lighting and also place some spawning mops inside your tank. The tank should have a dark gravel base and aquatic plants

  • Step 2 – Breeding Pair

    Introduce the breeding pair into the tank. Select the breeding pair in advance to avoid aggressiveness

  • Step 3 – Feeding

    Feed them with the right kind of food (Brine shrimp) and make sure the environment is conducive for breeding

  • Step 5 – Spawning

    Picture Credit @ Barbara Nicca

    Allow the male and female to breed. Spawning would happen for several days

  • Step 6 – Eggs

    The female will lay the eggs which gets attached to the spawning mop and the male will guard them

  • Step 7 – Hatching

    The eggs will hatch after 6 days, just be patient

  • Step 8 – Parenting

    young fries freely swimming

    Separate the male as soon as the eggs hatch and you will see the fries moved into a container for grow out

Result – Feeding the fry

Brine Shrimp – Microscopic view

Do not feed the fry for the first three days as they will take the nourishment from the egg yolk. Feed them with infusoria and green water. You can feed them with brine shrimp after 2 or 3 weeks

We had listed the crucial steps for breeding the American flag fish, believe this step by step guide to breeding American flag fish is useful.

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