Rotala sp mini ‘Gold’ is a different type of plant for the tank. They are difficult to maintain. The beginners guide gives details of the plant and how to take care of them with the proper proportion of nutrients.

Rotala sp mini ‘Gold’ plant – Overview

Common NameThey are commonly referred to as Macrandra mini gold.
ColorThe leaves are green in color along with a pinkish shade.
Habitat/OriginThey can grow up to a width of 2 – 7 cm.
Average SizeThey can grow about 10-15 inches high. The stem grows 2-5 in width. This thickness of the stem can be visibly seen in 2 months.
Growth RateThese aquarium plants grow fast. They require adequate nutrient dosing, high Co2, and high lighting for their fast growth.
PlacementThey can be placed in the mid-ground of the tank. These plants suit well for Nano tanks.
MaintenanceThey are difficult to maintain. The nutrients should be given regularly. Pruning should also be done properly.
Planting MethodsThe stem of the plant can be placed in the substrate. The substrate should be nutrient-rich for the plant to grow healthy.
Ideal SetupThe substrate of the tank should be nutrient-rich. They can be either placed under sun or aquarium lighting with high watts should be used.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is medium.
SupplementsThis plant demands high fertilizers. They require supplements like carbon dioxide (20- 40 mg/l), Nitrate (10-50 mg/l), Potassium (5 -30 mg/l). Apart from these, they require other supplements in smaller quantities. They are Phosphate (0.1 -3 mg/l), and Iron (0.01-0.5 mg/l)
LightingThey require high lighting. In low or moderate lighting their growth becomes slower.
Water temperatureThe temperature tolerance of this plant ranges from 18 – 30 degree C. however optimum temperature is 24- 28 degree C. The pH of the water should be 4.5 – 7.
PropogationThis plant is propagated by cutting. The stems of the plant are cut and placed in the substrate. They then develop into a new plant.
Approx. CostThis plant should be ordered in a bunch of minimum 10. The approximate cost of this plant ranges from Rs.7.50 to Rs.24.90.
Common DiseasesThe leaves become pale or dull in color when proper nutrients are not supplied.
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