This plant grows best in adequate lighting and a lot of water. They are easy to propagate and do not require much care. The beginner’s guide gives required information on how to plant and grow this plant. 

Monosolenium Tenerum plant

Common NameThis plant was called by the name Pellia earlier. It was later renamed Monosolenium tenerum. it is now commonly called Liverwort.
ColorThis plant does not have leaves rather has a thalamus. Thalamus is translucent olive green in color.
Habitat/OriginThis plant is seen in India, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Thailand. Their habitat is a freshwater environment. They are seen in damp and moist regions.
Average SizeThe thalamus or leaf-like structure of the plant is 1 cm wide. The height of the plant is 1 to 4 inches tall. Under unfavorable conditions they develop narrower leaves which are 2-3 cm. this looks less attractive.
Growth RateGrowth is fast. But they can grow faster with inadequate lighting and Co2.
PlacementIn the tank, they can be placed in the foreground or mid-ground. They can be attached to rocks or pieces of wood. They can also be kept in a plastic box and can be placed on the windowsill.
MaintenanceThe water quality should be kept good for the plant to grow healthy.
Planting MethodsThey do not attach themselves to the substrate. They can be fixed using a fishing line or thread to keep them attached. They can be attached to rocks, driftwoods, or any other décor.
Ideal SetupThe plant requires a lot of water. Co2 is also necessary. Lighting should be adequately provided.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is easy. They require less maintenance. They can be grown under various aquarium conditions.
SupplementsA good source of light is necessary for the growth of this plant. Added Co2 can boost up the growth of this plant.
LightingIt can grow in full sunlight or in shade. Under direct sun or heat, the aquarium plant will dry out. In the aquarium, high-level f brightness is required.
Water temperatureThey thrive in a temperature range of 41 to 86 degree F. the pH can range from 5.0 – 8.0.
PropogationPropagation of this happens naturally by spores. The spores grows on the tip of the stem and blow off. This way they plant spreads out. This process continues till the plant multiples.
Approx. CostOne portion of the plant costs around $5 to $7. They can easily propagate themselves.
Common DiseasesAlgae grow in this plant. Sometimes snails and pests form on this plant. Too much of direct sunlight alone can burn up the plant.
What to look for when buyingThe plant should be algae or snail free. The plant should be moist and good in shape.
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