This plant is a easy plant even for beginners. This is because the plants do not require much maintenance. They grow tall, acting as a background plant. 

Why we need the beginners guide? We need the beginner’s guide for this plant to know how to carefully place this plant without letting it die and how to care for it.

Microsorum pteropus ‘Staghorn Fern’ Plant overview

Common NameIt is commonly called Staghorn fern.
ColorThe leaves off this plant are green in color.
Habitat/OriginThe origin of this plant is Asia.
Average SizeThe plant can grow to a height of 20 cm. Hence it is a perfect background plant.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is medium. But addition of CO2 will slightly increase the growth rate.
PlacementThe plant can be placed in the background of the tank. It will not suit mid ground or foreground.
MaintenanceMaintenance of this plant is easy. Fishes do not prefer to eat up this plant. Hence the plants can survives longer.
Planting MethodsThe root should not be buried in the substrate. This might cause the root to rot. They can be grown on rocks or roots.
Ideal SetupLow lighting with medium CO2 is ideal. The substrate should be sandy. The tank can have any fish as this plant is not eaten by any of the fishes.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is easy. just be careful to bend the plant that you receive on the rocks or driftwood in the aquarium.
SupplementsCO2 injection is not mandatory. But the addition of CO2 to a lower to medium amount will enhance the growth. The plant does not require any other nutrient.
LightingThe plant can thrive in low to medium lighting. But the plant best suits itself to low lighting.
Water temperatureThe temperature of the plant can be around 60-85 degrees F. The pH of the water can be between 5 and 7.5.
PropogationPropagation can be done by Rhizome.
Approx. CostThis aquarium plant costs approximately $5 to $7
Common DiseasesThey do not get affected by many diseases except root rot. This happens when the root is placed in the soil.
What to look for when buyingJust check if the leaves are green in color. The plant must appear healthy without any decayed leaf.
Related SpecifiesNarrow leaf, trident are similar fern specifies

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