This is a plant that can show color variation under the care and different lighting. In the emersed state, the plant shows light yellow color. The plant shows dark orange color in a submerged state. 

This is a fragile plant and can melt or rot easily if not taken care of it properly and this beginner’s guide has information that would help to keep the plant healthy.

Overview of ludwigia atlantis dark orange plant

Common NameThis plant is commonly called Dark Orange Ludwigia.
ColorIn the tank where it is planted, the plant shows shades of yellow color. They also show shades of orange. The color of the plant depends on the care given and the lighting.
Habitat/OriginTheir origin is North America.
Average SizeThe plant grows to a height of 5-10 inches.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is moderate. But growth can be enhanced by adding Co2 and nutrient source.
PlacementThe plant is suitable for background and mid-ground in the tank.
MaintenanceIf the plant should appear bushy, trimming the plant regularly in equal intervals of time is necessary. Co2 and other nutrients can be given to the plant on a regular basis.
Planting MethodsThe plant comes by surrounding cotton around the roots. The cotton can be removed and the plant can be planted in a quality substrate.
Ideal SetupThe substrate should be nutrient-rich so that the plant does not require additional fertilizers. 
Care LevelThe care level of the plant is easy.  But this is a fragile plant. Hence care should be taken while planting in the substrate. Make sure the parameters are proper for the plant to thrive.
SupplementsThe aquarium live plant does not require any fertilizers. Co2 demand is also low. But under Co2 injection and nutrient supplements, the growth can be improved and the growth rate can be increased.
LightingLighting should be high. Under high light conditions, the leaves develop red stripes along the sides. However, the plant can also thrive in medium lighting.
Water temperatureThe temperature of the water should be 75-79 degrees F. the lowest temperature it can manage is 59 degrees F. The pH should be 6.5 – 7.5.
PropogationPropagation can be done by trimming the stem. The stem can be replanted in another place for a new plant to grow.
Approx. CostThe plant can be brought for $5 to S7
Common DiseasesThe plant melts or rots in an unstable water parameter. So it is important to maintain stable parameters.
What to look for when buyingThe plant should be in proper shape. The root should be in good condition.
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