This is an easy plant and the maintenance is low. Though it cannot be completely classified as an aquatic plant, it can be grown in the tank. 

The beginner’s guide will give the required information to grow, maintain and propagate this plant.

Aglaonema simplex plant

Common NameThe common name of this plant is a Malayan sword. It is also called Borneo Sword.
ColorThe leaves are dark green in color.
Habitat/OriginThe live aquarium plant has its origin in Asia. They are particularly found in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Borneo. Its habitat is usually a damp place.
Average SizeThey can grow up to 20 -40 cm (7.87-15.85 inches)
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is slow
PlacementThis plant can be ideally placed in the mid-ground of the tank. However, they can also be used as a background plant.
MaintenanceThe growth of this live aquarium plant is slow and hence the maintenance is also less. Trimming or pruning can be done in larger intervals.
Planting MethodsThe rhizome should be placed on the substrate. But they should not be completely submerged in the substrate. If it is done so, the plant will rot.
Ideal SetupWith the medium requirement of light and water temperature, this plant requires a sandy substrate to grow well. The substrate should also be permeable for moisture and air. The substrate should have 3 parts leaf, 1 part peat and 0.5 part of humus and charcoal, and 1 part sand.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is easy.
SupplementsThe plant requires fertilizer. However, the fertilizer can be used until the plant establishes itself in the tank.
LightingThe required lighting of this plant to grow is medium. It can also manage low lighting. It’s could not be kept in direct sunlight.
Water temperatureThe temperature of the water should be 22 to 28 degrees C. The pH should be 6-8. The water hardness can be 4-12.
PropogationPropagation of this aquarium plant is easy as it can be done by cutting rhizome from the mother plant. The cut-off rhizome can be planted in the substrate without burying it deep in the substrate. This will develop into a new plant.
Approx. CostThey cost around $15 to $20
Common DiseasesWaterlogging or over-drying both are dangerous for this plant. In dry air, the leaves are deformed. They require an environment with good moisture.
What to look for when buyingCheck if the leaves are healthy with a good green coloration. The ends of the leaves should not be dry.
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