Be it a home garden or an aquarium, carpet grass gives a splendid look. Many hobbyists have tried hard to perfect the art of growing carpet grass and they are successful. With patience and following the ground rules would help grow the perfect aquarium carpet grass.

How to plant aquarium carpet grass?

A lush green pasture look for your aquarium can be created by using carpeting plants. They are very economical and easy to create a look that will provide a visual treat. All you have to do is carry out the following steps to create a green paradise for your fishes.

Required supplies

  • Seeds
  • Aquarium tank
  • Aquarium light
  • Aquarium soil substrate

Required tools

  • Plastic wrap
  • water sprayer

Total cost: USD 75


Total time: 5 hours

  • Step 1 – Selection of tank

    Select an aquarium tank. Prepare it by cleaning it thoroughly.

  • Step 2 – Spread the aqua soil

    Spread Amazonia soil as the base inside the tank. Make use of a spatula for this purpose. You can level the height short towards the front and taller towards the back of the tank or taller to just the right or left of tank to give an elevated look when the grass grows.

  • Step 3 – Selection of seeds

    Evenly spread the seeds over the soil. Various carpeting plant seeds are available in the market.

  • Step 4 – Prepare the soil

    Spray some water over the layer of soil and seeds to create some moisture.

  • Step 5 – Moisture level

    Cover the top of the tank using a plastic wrap so that moisture says inside the tank.

  • Step 6 – Aduqeate lighting

    Set up the light for the tank and make sure it is kept on for at least six to eight hours per day

  • Step 7 – Maintain the moisture level

    Make sure you sprinkle/ spray water frequently to keep up the moisture.

  • Step 8 – Add water

    Once you see the plants sprouting and growing well, place a small plastic plate or plastic cover over the growing plants and start filling the tank with water. The plastic plate or plastic cover will avoid the pressure of water affecting the plants.


Now install the filter in the aquarium tank in order to ensure a better environment for the carpet grass.

We hope this how-to guide is useful for fellow hobbyists and are happy to hear from you on improvising this article. Do provide your recommendations in the below comment box