Considering the popularity of the plant, we picked up the top 9 questions asked about Anubias basis our research from Quora and Google search and have answered them in this post.

Does anubias need a substrate?

The substrate is not a must to grow Anubias, they can be tied to driftwood or attached to lava rock and they would flourish.

Does anubias need fertilizer?

Anubias does not need fertilizer to grow, the nutrients from fish waste is adequate for them to grow.

How do you keep anubias healthy?

It is easier than you think to keep the Anubias healthy, all you need is provide them with the right lighting not less or more. If you induce Co2, it is like a growth supplement for them and they will thrive.

Can anubias grow out of water?

Yes, Anubias can grow out of the water and they grow much faster when emerged and they are commonly used in palladium as they are semi-aquatic plants.

How many hours of light do anubias need?

5 to 7 hrs a day is adequate lighting for Anubias and additionally think about the size of the tank they are housed. 1 to 2 watt of light would be required for a gallon, so depending on your size of the aquarium provide the right amount of light.

Why are anubias so expensive?

When compared with other low tech plants they are expensive, and the reason is they have a very slow growth rate. It takes 3 to 4 weeks for a leaf to grow.

Why is my anubias dying?

The main reason why an anubias would die could be due to bright light exposure for longer hours.

Why are my anubias turning yellow?

This is caused by excessive nutrients available in the water and more lighting in the aquarium. The solution is to add more plants or cut the dosage of nutrients and dim the light or shorter the light duration.

Can anubias grow in cold water?

The ideal temperature for Anubias to grow is 21 to 27 Degree Centigrades or 72 Degrees Fahrenheit.

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