The water lily is mostly used as a mid background plant. Aquarists add water lilies to give the aquascape a contrasting look. In this post, we have answered the most asked question from google and have answered them

Is a water lily the same as a Lotus?

Water lily and lotus are not the same, they are different species (water lilly is Nymphaea and Lotus is Nelumbo)

Will chlorine kill water lilies?

Excess chlorine for sure will kill water lilies, the chlorine would damage the water lilies roots and this in turn would kill the plant. It is important to know if the water you are using in Chlorinated and accordingly wisely use them in your aquarium.

How deep should you plant a water lily?

Make sure the root tabs are visible above the substrate, choose a clay-based substrate for planting water lily

How long do water lily blooms last?

In my experience, i have water lily flower last up to 3 to 4 days in my outdoor small pond

Can you plant water lilies in gravel?

It would be a challenge to grow water lilies only on gravel, it is advised to have clay based substrate as bottom layer and top layer as gravel. This combination would be right for water lilies.

How long does it take for a water lily to grow?

Water lily when planted into an aquarium at first the leaves would rot and the new leaves would take about 3 weeks and once you have the new leaves they would take another 3 to 4 weeks to bloom in the new aquarium

Do water lilies oxygenate the water?

Yes, water lilies produce oxygen in the day light

How do you plant water lilies in an aquarium?

It is a 2 step process use the most appropriate tank size for the water lily and then the placement of water lilies in the aquarium. My recommendation would a 3ft * 1.5ft * 1.5ft (l*w*h) and plant it in the middle of the aquarium and this would give room for lily to spread fully in the tank

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