The best shrimp algae eating shrimp which was found by the great aquascaper Amano had gained a lot of popularity in the last decade and in this post, we have answered the most asked questions on Amano shrimp

How many Amano shrimp should be kept together?

It is advised to keep them in groups 8 to 10 shrimps would be an ideal group. If possible, maintaining the balance of male and female (50:50) is also advisable

What do Amano shrimp eat?

Amano shrimp would love eat algae all through the year, any type of Alage is great food for Amano Shrimp

Do Amano shrimp eat shrimp?

No Amano shrimp don’t eat their own, however the dominant Shrimp would try and grab the whole food for himself. When doing so the dominant shrimp would try and block the other shrimp and this action has created a myth amano shrimp would eat other shrimps

How long do Amano shrimp live?

Amano shrimp if cared well, they live up to 3 years

Do Amano shrimp eat fish poop?

No Amano shrimp do not east fish poop, in a planted aquarium a biofilm gets created due to fish fecal waste and this is something Amano shrimp would feed on

Why do my Amano shrimp keep dying?

Amano shrimp dying could be caused of 2 reasons, when introduced to a new tank there could be a different water parameter from the place where they were raised and other reason could be stress due to shipping

Do Amano shrimp need a heater?

Amano shrimp does not need a heater and they do well in cold water (62 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 17 to 18 degree Celsius)

Will Amano shrimp jump out of the tank?

There have been instances mentioned by hobbyist about Amano shrimp jumping out of the tank especially at the night and the primary reason for this action could be due to changes in water parameters

Do Amano shrimp hide a lot?

Amano shrimp love to hide, but nothing to worry or to be concerned about this action. It is their nature

Can Amano shrimp live with bettas?

It is not advisable to have Amano shrimp with bettas, at the same time many aquarists have kept them successfully together without any challenges

Why is my Amano shrimp turning white?

The reason for Amano shrimp turning white is due to infections and if not treated immediately they would die within a week

Why is my Amano shrimp blue?

Amano shrimp get the blue tint due to their diet, if they feed more on green hair algae then they get the blue tint

Why is my Amano shrimp turning red?

Amano shrimp turning red could be due to stress level caused in the aquarium, keeping the water parameter intact would solve this issue.

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