If you want a fish to add to your community tank, mickey mouse platy fish is the right fish for you. They are stunningly beautiful and can thrive in smaller tanks. They are peaceful fishes and can be many fishes. 

Mickey Mouse Fish – Overview

Common NameThe fish is otherwise commonly called Golden moon platy or moonfish.
Scientific NameThey are scientifically called Xiphorus maculates.
Habitat or OriginThe habitat of the fish is freshwater. They originated from Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras.
Average SizeThe fish is 3 inches in size.
ColorationThe fish comes in pale yellow to gold. They have tinges of red or black. The tail area of the fish has a Mickey mouse hidden.
Life SpanThe life span of this fish is 3 -5 years.
DietThe fish can live on worms and plants. They can be fed brine shrimp, bloodworms, glass worms for a supplement. This food can be given live, frozen, and freeze-dried. They can be given flakes and pellets. Plant food like lettuce, cooked peas, zucchini, and spinach can also be given.
Gender IdentificationWhen the female is pregnant, the abdomen becomes rounder and there is a black mark on the abdomen. Males have pointed caudal fin. Males are vibrantly colored than females.
BehaviorThe fish likes to be in a smaller group. The fish can jump out of the tank. So it is important to keep the tank closed.
CompatibilityThis fish is a peace-loving fish hence can be a good tank mate to many fishes. But they prefer members of the Xiphophorus genus which include guppies, swordtail, and mollies. Other tank mates include catfish, angels, danios, tetras, and gouramis.
Ideal Tank ConditionsThe fish is hardy so can tolerate a wide range of conditions. The substrate is small to medium-sized. The color should be dark to contrast the color of the fish. Alkaline water of moderate hardness is ideal for this fish.
Water ParametersThe temperature of the water should be 64- 77 degrees F (18 to 25degree C). The hardness is 10-25 dGh. The pH level should be 7-8.2.
BreedingThe male and female should be kept in the same tank for the fishes to breed. The breeding tank should have dense plants for the fish to find shelter. The female is pregnant for about 24 – 30 days. The fish gives birth to young ones when they young ones are ready to swim. The fry can be fed with egg yolk and dry food.
Common DiseasesFin rot is one of the most common diseases. This is caused by a bacterial infection. Ich is also another common disease. This should be treated immediately. They can be identified as white spots on the body. The water should be kept clean to avoid disease as this fish is not susceptible to disease easily.
Approximate CostThis fish is available for $1.79 to $2.99. In India, they cost pretty much cheap.
What to look when buyingCheck if the fishes are healthy and colorful. They should not any white spots on the body which is a symptom of the freshwater disease.
Species in the MarketSouthern platy and Variable platy are commonly available species in the market. Swordtail is also available but is difficult to find.

Gallery of Micky Mouse Fish