Utricularia graminfolia is a grass-like plant. Under proper conditions, they can develop into a beautiful lawn in the aquarium. It can sometimes overgrow with adequate nutrients. The beginner’s guide helps to maintain the healthy growth of this plant and to give a beautiful look.

Utricularia graminifolia plant

Common NameUtricularia graminifolia can be commonly called Leaved Bladderwort.
ColorIn proper lighting, the color of the leaf is light yellowish green. In low lighting, the leaves are darker green in shade.
Habitat/OriginThis plant is native to South East Asia that is India, Burma, Sri Lanka, China, Laos, and Vietnam.
Average SizeThe leaves are 1 cm long and the width is 1 – 2 mm.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is fast. Provided adequate nutrients, they can grow even faster.
PlacementIt is a foreground plant. However, this plant can be placed in the substrate of the tank as it can grow into a bed of cushion grass in the tank by propagating itself continuously.
MaintenanceThe plant should be trimmed or clipped once in a while. This will give the plant a lawn an effect. If this aquarium plant is not clipped, the growth is too much.
Planting MethodsThe plant is grown in ceramic disk or mineral wool. The wool is cut into pieces and placed in the tank apart from each other.
Ideal SetupGrowing this plant in the tank is a little difficult. But with the ideal setup, they can be grown with ease. The pH should be maintained around 4-5 degrees. The water should be soft water. The substrate can be nutrient-rich and can be slightly acidic.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is easy. But it should not be grown in the tank along with shrimps. This is because the plant can eat up the small shrimps alive. They however do not affect the eggs or fry in the tank.
SupplementsThis plant can thrive with low nutrients. But with Co2 injection and diet of live Infusoria, they can show good development. Macro and micro elements are required for fertilization.
LightingLighting can be the partial sun. In the aquarium, the light should be intense and also for longer hours that is 10- 14 hours a day.
Water temperatureThe water temperature should be between 18 and 25 degrees C. The pH of the water is 5.0 to 6.5.
PropogationPropagation of this plant is easy. The plant can be clipped and placed in the tank a few centimeters apart from each other. They develop into new plants.
Approx. CostIn USD it costs approximately $19.99.
Common DiseasesThe root rot happens when the plant is not clipped properly.
What to look for when buyingJust check if the plant is healthy with a good coloration.
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