Tinfoil Barbs are freshwater fishes that are sold in pet stores. They are very large fishes and require larger tanks. Hence it is not advised for beginners to opt for this fish.

Why we need the beginners guide for Tinfoil Barb? Though it is not advised for the starters, they can be maintained well with the information like diet, maintenance and optimum ambiance given below.

Tinfoil Barb fish – Overview

Common NameTinfoil barbs are also commonly called River Barb because of their freshwater habitat.
Scientific NameThey are scientifically referred to as Barbonymus schwanenfeldii.
Habitat or OriginThey are native to Rivers in Thailand and Sumatra. They are also seen in Iberian Peninsula. Their habitat is freshwater habitat like rivers, streams and canals.
Average SizeThe fish can grow up to the size of 13-15 inches. They can sometimes reach 16 inches in 3 years of time.
ColorationThe body of the fish is silver or grey in color. When the fishes become mature, they have red coloration on their fins. This coloration is absent in young or juvenile fish.
Life SpanThey can live up to 8 years. Their lifespan can be extended to 10 years under proper care.
DietThese fishes can feed on flakes, pellets, freeze dried or frozen food. They can be fed on plant matter and also algae wafers. Vegetable matter like spirulina wafers, cucumber and spinach can be fed. They can be fed once or twice a day.
Gender IdentificationThe gender of this fish is difficult to find out. They can be differentiated during spawning. The females will have rounder belly as they contain egg during spawning.
BehaviorThese fishes are active and fast swimmers. They tend to jump out of the tank if there is no tight lid or hoods. They are also playful fishes and like the company of their own fishes and other large fishes.
CompatibilityThey are large fishes hence other large fishes like Bala shark, Silver Dollar, Clown Loach and Pleco make best tank mates. They are also compatible with their own kind. Hence three or more Tinfoil Barbs can be kept together. Avoid having small fishes in their community tank as the Tinfoil barbs might eat them up.
Ideal Tank ConditionsThe minimum tank size required for this fish is 75 gallons for one fish. The water can be cleaned once in a week and 15- 20 % water can be renewed from the total tank volume.
Water ParametersThe temperature of the water should be 75 to 80 degree F(24-27 degree C). the pH can range from 6.0 – 7.5.
BreedingThey are difficult to breed in home aquarium. A very large tank is required to breed this fish. The temperature should be increased to 77- 80 degree F. They are difficult to breed in home aquarium. As soon the eggs are laid, the parents should be taken away from the breeding tank.
Common DiseasesFreshwater disease is one of the common diseases of this fish. Apart from this the fish is also susceptible to Ich.
Approximate CostOne tinfoil barb costs around $6 to $9
What to look when buyingCheck if the fishes are healthy and there are no white spots on the body.
Species in the MarketAlbino Tinfoil barb is another species found in the market. The care of this fish is similar to Tinfoil barb.

Gallery of Tinfoil Barb fish