The plant is used as a carpeting plant in aquariums. They can also be placed between the stones in the tank o create a warm atmosphere. Why we need the beginner’s guide for Echinodorus tennelus plant? The leaves and the roots of this plant are very delicate. Hence they should be planted safely in the right substrate. The maintenance of this plant is necessary as they develop into a dense carpet if they are not taken care of properly.

Echinodorus tennelus plant

Common NameThey are commonly called Dwarf Chain Grass. They are known by other names like Pygmy chain sword or The Chain Sword- Narrow-leaf.
ColorThe color of the leaves is green.
Habitat/OriginThis plant is a freshwater aquarium habitat plant. The western hemisphere is their nativity from the Central United States to Argentina.
Average SizeThey can grow up to a height of 5-10 inches. the width of the leaf is 3-5 mm.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is fast. With proper fertilization, they can develop into a beautiful carpet in the aquarium.
PlacementThey can be placed in the foreground in the tank. In the Nano tank, they can be placed in the background if other carpet plants are planted in the foreground.
MaintenanceThe maintenance of this plant not so difficult. They require regular pruning as they can form dense carpet. The runners should be cut off at the right time from the parent plant during propagation.
Planting MethodsThe plant will be received in the pot. Remove the plant from the pot or the material it was planted in. Divide the plant into separate portions. Plant the portion in the substrate in the shape of number 5 on the dice.
Ideal SetupThe substrate should be soft with rich fertilization. The small size granules allow the roots to penetrate easily. The small granules also allow the plant to be placed safely and securely.
Care LevelTo care for this aquarium plant is really easy. This is because the light demand, Co2 requirement is medium.
SupplementsThis plant requires rich and good fertilization and substrate. High-quality aquarium fertilizers are recommended.
LightingThey require medium lighting. But if the lighting is high along with good fertilizer the growth rate will be tremendous which will require regular pruning.
Water temperatureThe temperature of the water should be from 68 – 84 degree F. the pH should be from 6.2 – 7.5. The KH can range from 3-8.
PropogationThis plant propagates or grows by sending runners horizontally. When the runners are half the size of the parent, the roots of the runners can be cut and be planted elsewhere to grow into a new plant.
They also sometimes produce seeds that can be used for propagation.
Another method for propagating this plant is by using the adventitious shoots produced by this plant.
Approx. CostOne bunch of this plant can cost $7 – $10
Common DiseasesAlgae development is seen in this plant. If algae develop on the plant, it is enough to prune the affected leaf.
What to look for when buyingAs this plant is not known for any major disease, just check if the leaves are algae free and appear healthy with green leaves.
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