This is a floating type of plant which is not easily available. Under intense lighting, the tip of the stem turns red. The beginners guide gives all the required information like lighting, temperature, pH for this plant to grow effectively.

Najas sp. “Roraima” plant

Common NameThis plant is also called Roraima naiad. It is popularly called waternymph.
ColorThe color of the leaf is dark brown. The shoot tips appear wine-red hue in intensive light.
Habitat/OriginThe habitat of this plant is unknown but it was first introduced in the market of Japan.
Average SizeThe height of this aquarium plant is approximately 20-30 cm.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is medium. Under proper lighting and Co2 fast.
PlacementThey can be placed anywhere in the tank- foreground, back ground or midground. Since these are floating plants, they can also be placed on the surface of the water.
MaintenanceMaintenance of this plant is easy. They have a bushy growth. They should be trimmed when the plant growth is high.
Planting MethodsThe plant grows freely floating and does not form many roots. They can be placed on the water surface. They can also be stuck in crevices in rocks or driftwood.
Ideal SetupThe lighting, fertilizers, Co2 is required in the medium.
Care LevelThe care level is medium. It is a delicate plant. The stem should be taken care of.
SupplementsThe fertilizer demand for this plant is medium. Co2 is also required at a medium level.
LightingThey require medium lighting. They can also thrive in low lighting.
Water temperatureWater temperature can be from 20- 28 degrees C. The pH value can be 5-7.
PropogationPropagation can be done by many methods like Fragmentation. Cuttings, splitting, etc., The easiest way is to cut the daughter plants off the parent plant.
Approx. CostA bunch of 6-8 stems can cost approximately $12
Common DiseasesNone
What to look for when buyingBuy stem which has healthy leaves, look for the stem which is not rotten
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