Echinodorus Rose plant has leaves which have beautiful colors and they are very easy to grow and maintain and hence preferred by beginners to pro aquarium hobbyists.

Why we need the beginners guide for Echinodorus Rose plant? The beginner’s guide provides information on how to bring out the best coloration of the plant.

 Echinodorus Rose plant

Common NameThis plant is commonly called Rose Sword Plant.
ColorThe plant has leaves whose colors range from pink to greenish-brown. The new leaves are pink in color. When they mature their color change to bright and dark green.
Habitat/OriginThey are native to Tropical Western Hemisphere. They are first cultivated in Hans Barth in Dessau, Germany. 
Average SizeThe plant can grow up to a height of 40cm. The width of the plant is 25cm.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this aquarium plant is slow. With nutrient-rich substrate, they can thrive very well and Co2 can enhance the growth.
PlacementThis plant can be placed in the mid-ground or background of the tank.
MaintenanceThe maintenance of this plant is simple. The plant should be trimmed as it sends out runners.
Planting MethodsThe plant comes in a pot. The pot should be removed carefully and planted in the nutrient-rich substrate.
Ideal SetupThe plant requires substrate which is very rich in nutrients. The tank should be larger. This enables the tank to grow larger.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is easy. They do not require any supplement and the lighting requirement is moderate.
SupplementsThe plant does not require any supplements. Co2 is not necessary but injecting it will give better growth. They require rich nutrient substrate.
LightingThey require moderate lighting. But under higher lighting, the colors of the leaves are brought out brighter. However, they can also survive in low lighting.
Water temperatureThe water temperature could be similar to tropic weather conditions. The pH can range from 5.0-5.8.
PropogationThe plant which grows submerged propagates through runners. The parent plant sends runners which can be cut and planted in other places. The plant which grows emersed propagates with seeds.
Approx. CostThey cost approximately $6.99. In Asian countries, they cost almost the same.
Common DiseasesThe plant might melt and rot due to unstable parameters.
What to look for when buyingEchinodorus Rose plant receives nutrients from the root. But root rot happens when the substrate is poor in nutrition. hence check for the coloration of the leaves and their healthy appearance while buying
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