The Marsilea crenata is a very hardy aquatic plant that can tolerate and grow in a wide variety of water and temperature conditions. With extra care, they can be used to create a thick green carpet. The shape of the leaf adds to the beauty of the plant which in turn increases the aesthetic look of the aquarium.

Marsilea crenata Plant overview

Common NameThe plant is commonly known by the leaf shape as Dwarf four clover leaf plant.
ColorThis aquatic plant has green colored four clove leaves.
Habitat/OriginThey were originally found in Southeast Asia, found especially in the rice fields. The leaves can be found floating in deep water, standing erect on land or shallow waters.
Average SizeThe leaves are small and barely reach a size of 0.5 cm. But they are capable of forming a thick carpet layer that is about 1 – 3 cm in height.
Growth RateThe Marsilea crenata plant has a medium growth rate as compared to other aquatic plants.
PlacementThe plant can be used as a foreground aquatic plant as it can form a beautiful thick carpet that adds to the aesthetic look of your tank.
MaintenanceThe Marsilea crenata plant can be trimmed to maintain uniform growth and create the desired effect. A pair of tweezers can be used to trim.
Planting MethodsThe plant can be divided into smaller clumps and then planted in the substrate using tweezers so that they do not get damaged. The plant can be quarantined depending on the place and condition in which you obtain the plant.
Ideal SetupThis foreground plant requires a good substrate such as sandy soil or clay soil to hold them in place. The plant can tolerate a wide range of temperature, pH values, and nutrient levels.
Care LevelMarsilea crenata doesn’t require much care as it is known to be a hardy plant.
SupplementsThe plant does not require any special fertilizers. But the addition of fertilizers results in better growth. CO2 of less than 6mg/ L is sufficient for the growth of the plant.
LightingThe plant can grow under very poor lighting conditions as well. Good lighting conditions can help in creating a thick green carpet layer. It requires 0.5 W/L
Water temperatureToleration of high temperatures is what makes this plant a hardy one. The pH value of the water can be between the range of 6 and 7.5.
PropagationRunners and offshoots are formed which can later grow as mature plants even if left unattended.
Approx. CostThe plant is available for a price of approximately 7 US dollars for a clump.
Common DiseasesThe plant is generally hardy and grows in very tough conditions. However, in an extremely bad environment, the plants can lose their hardiness and start to die.
What to look for when buyingMake sure that the leaves are green in color without any spots and they have healthy roots.
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