This plant is a foreground plant. It can act as a carpet in the tank. Though carpet in nature, they grow slow. Hence they are easy to grow and maintain. 

Why we need the beginner’s guide for marsilea hirsuta plant? This guide has all the necessary information like optimum temperature, pH, and other conditions required to grow this plant.

Marsilea Hirsuta plant

Common NameOther names of this plant are Pepperwort, Rough water clover, Bristly water clover.
ColorThe leaves have the colorations of green. They are either dark green or light green in color.
Habitat/OriginThe origin of the plant in Australia. The habitat is freshwater habitat like ponds and marshes.
Average SizeThe plant can grow short in proper lighting giving a carpet-like appearance. The average height is 5-20 cm.
Growth RateThe growth rate of the plant is slow. The growth rate can be slightly increased by giving it high-intensity lighting and Co2 supplement.
PlacementThis is an ideal foreground plant. They can be placed in the substrate or can be made to float on the surface of the water.
MaintenanceThe plant sends out rhizome. The rhizome should be cut off and trimmed in long intervals to get a carpet-like effect.
Planting MethodsThe depth of the substrate should be a minimum of 1 – 2 inches. This helps in the better anchorage of the plant. They can be placed on the substrate. Experienced hobbyists can grow them on the surface of the plant.
Ideal SetupThe ideal temperature is 84 degrees F. it needs nutrient-rich substrate.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is easy. The pruning can be done in long intervals.
SupplementsFertilizers can be given. But this is not mandatory. Similarly, Co2 injection can boost the growth.
LightingThe plant can grow well in high lighting.
Water temperatureThe water temperature can be from 18-28 degrees F. the pH can be between 6.2 and 7.5.
PropogationThey can be propagated through their runners. The runners can be cut and placed in the substrate to develop into a new plant.  They also propagate through spores.
Approx. CostTo cover the foreground of a small tank the plant can be brought for $5.
Common DiseasesThe increased temperature – 79 degrees F can melt the plant. The vertical growth happens in contrast to carpet-like growth. This is due to low lighting. 
What to look for when buyingThe plant should have sufficient roots for it to anchor properly. An only a healthy plant can survive in the tank. Hence the plant should be healthy with vibrant colors. 
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