These invertebrates are the best try for people who grow them for the
first time. This is because of their resilient nature.

Why need a beginner’s guide for Amano Shrimp? Amano Shrimp is the popular shrimp in the fish keeping hobby and one of the most preferred planted tank Shrimp and it is important to educate the new hobbyist who would want to keep these unique spineless creatures in their aquarium. This precise beginner’s guide would be handy for every new hobbyist.

Amano Shrimp – Overview

Common NameYamato Shrimp or Amano Shrimp or Algae Shrimp
Scientific NameCaridina multidentata
Habitat or OriginAsia specifically Japan, China, and also Taiwan.
Average Size1.5 inches, the size is in fact a big size in the shrimp variety
ColorationGrayish or transparent body. Red/brown or blue/grey dotted
lines along the length of their body can be seen.
Life SpanThey live for approximately 2-3 years when given proper care
DietThough they generally feed on the leftovers or scattered
pieces of rubbish or remains they also need their dietary
supplements which include pellet or algae wafer, frozen
foods like brine shrimp and vegetables like cucumber,
squash, spinach.
Gender IdentificationFemales are bigger sized shrimps with long dashes like dots
along with a saddle (egg nest like). Males have evenly
spaced out dots
BehaviorThey get wild during the feed. The upper hand is always by
the adult shrimps. The hiding behavior can be seen during
molting which is when they are without a shell. This usually
occurs once a month. 
CompatibilityThey can get along with community fishes which are peace-loving. They can also be with other snails and shrimps.
Ideal Tank ConditionsOur Recommendation is 20 – 30 gallons. They enjoy hard water. A Group of 3 to 6 platies is good for a 30-gallon fish tank.
Water Parameters70°F – 80°F, even though this is the range, they prefer cold water. pH level could be 6.0-7.0
BreedingIt is usually difficult and mostly only the expertise can breed.
In the wild, larvae develop into little shrimps in saltwater. As
they develop into adults, they only thrive in freshwater only
Common DiseasesFungal infections can happen. Poisoning is a common
problem and can be avoided only by cleaning the aquarium
plants properly before placing them in the aquarium.
Approximate Cost10 Shrimps would cost around 25USD to 25 USD and it is available in Southeast Asia and India at 1/3 price
What to look when buyingThe shrimps should be transparent and not white or pink as
they are the signs of shrimps infected due to poisoning
Species in the MarketAmino shrimp, green shrimp, red and white shrimp

Different types of Amano Shrimp


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