Hydrocotyle verticillata is a creeping plant hence should be kept in the foreground. It is also used as a carpet plant which resembles field of mushroom in the tank. The beginners guide will provide all the necessary information to grow this plant the right way

Overview of Hydrocotyle Verticillata Plant

Common NameThis is commonly called whorled pennywort. It is also known as an umbrella plant.
ColorThe leaves are green in color and round in shape.
Habitat/OriginThe habitat of this plant is marshes and shallow water. They are native to South America.
Average SizeThey can grow to a height of 3 – 10 cm. The growth is maximum in intense light
Growth RateThe growth rate of their plant is medium. However, it can be increased by adding CO2 and nutrients.
PlacementThe aquarium live plant is a foreground plant. But this can also be used as a carpet plant in larger tanks.
MaintenanceAn increase or decrease in added fertilizer like CO2 and nutrients can cause the plant to grow slow or very fast. So it is necessary to maintain the fertilizer level of the plant. In the case of high fertilizers, the leaves grow really big and the growth is very fast. So regular trimming is necessary.
Planting MethodsIt can be planted in the substrate. The substrate should be made of sand with large grains for the roots to hold.
Ideal SetupA substrate with larger gravel is required. High lighting is ideal for the plant.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is medium.
SupplementsAdded CO2 and nutrients are not mandatory for this plant. But adding them will increase the growth rate. However, too much of these will result in very fast growth which will require additional maintenance of the plant.
LightingThe plant can grow in moderate lighting. But for it to maintain its decorative low form, intense lighting should be provided.
Water temperatureThe temperature of the water should be from 68 -80.5°F or 20 -27 °C. The pH can be from 5-7.
PropogationPropagation can be done by cutting out the runners sent by the plant. The runners can be cut off and planted in another place.
Approx. CostThe plant costs approximately $5 to $7 in the USA and in south east Asia, the plant costs 1/3 of the price in the USA.
Common DiseasesNot a disease as such, one of the most common problems with this plant is etiolation. That is, the plant has a stretched growth. This makes to lose the beauty of the plant.
What to look for when buyingCheck if the leaves are round in shape before you buy
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