Aquarium heaters play a crucial role in maintaining the water temperature of an aquarium and they are vital if you are holding tropical fishes.

Installing an aquarium heater is a very simple process but it had to be done right and the below step by step guide would help a hobbyist to install the aquarium heater in the right way.

Installing an aquarium heater in the right way?

So to get started, you will have to identify the appropriate heater for your aquarium. The word of advice is to pick a heater which you can afford the maximum and I am not saying the expensive the heater it is better but it is wise to pick the one which is trusted by many hobbyists and even the heater is a bit of stretch just go for it and you won’t regret the decision.

Now that we have selected the ideal heater, let’s get into installing the aquarium heater.

Required supplies

  • A power port and if need be a power connector.

Required tools

  • Scissors
  • Cable tie
  • Tester

Total cost: USD 60


Total time: 60 minutes

  • Step 1 – Unpack

    unpacked Aquarium heater

    Unpack the package carefully with scissors without damaging the heater as it is made of glass.

  • Step 2 – Dust the heater

    Dusted heater ready to be installed

    Clean the aquarium heater with a piece of dry cloth and wash it gently and this would clean any debris left.

  • Step 3 – Placement

    Directions to install the heater

    Place the aquarium heater in the appropriate position of the aquarium. Ensure that the suction caps hold the aquarium heater firmly. Give it a little push to confirm the hold of the heater.

  • Step 4 – Temperature Settings

    Setting the temperature of heater

    Depending on the fish you are holding in your aquarium adjust the temperature settings, depending on the type of heater you would find a small knob turn it to set the appropriate temperature.

  • Step 5 – Power the heater

    Aquarium heater is switched on

    Once you have set up the appropriate temperature, switch on the heater by powering the heater. You would notice a RED light glowing and this means the heater is switched on.

  • Step 6 – Time taken to heat the water

    Check for water temperature

    Depending on the size of your aquarium and heater model it would take 120 to 240 minutes for the water to reach the set temperature.


Aquarium heater installed in aquarium

Well, you have installed the aquarium heater and have it tested if it is working as required by using thermometer. Give yourself a gentle tap on your shoulder and say Job Well done

We hope this how-to guide is useful for fellow hobbyists and are happy to hear from you on improvising this article.

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