Though aggressive, their special behavior(the secret is they catch small insects from outside the water) can make them a good exhibit in your home aquarium as this will draw a lot of attention from your friends

Why need a beginner’s guide for the Archer fish? The beginner’s guide has the required precise information which is required to upkeep the Archer fish

Archer fish – Overview

Common NameArcher fish
Scientific NameToxotes jaculatrix
Habitat or OriginCommonly found in India, Australia, New Guinea, Oceania, Philippines, and Southeast Asia
Average SizeThey are predators, an adult fish would be between 10 to 12 Inch
ColorationThey have a silver tan tone throughout the body
Life SpanThey can live for 2 years in the wild but under proper conditions in a home aquarium, they can live up to 10 years
DietTheir main food is insects. When they are small they can be given fish food flakes. When they become larger the Premium pellet food can be given. Feeding them is a true delight
Gender IdentificationThey are difficult to differentiate as they are monomorphic
BehaviorThere is one behavior that is unique to these fishes. They have a special kind of behavior that is they spit water with the perfect aim which captures insects out of the aquarium
CompatibilityThey are a little aggressive but they can be with Scats, Argenteus, Mono Sebae, and Columbian sharks
Ideal Tank ConditionsThey need good spaced tanks, 30 Gallon tank can house one archer comfortably. Ensure there is enough room for them to grow
Water ParametersThey thrive well in temperature ranging from 76-82 °F and pH 7 to 7.8
BreedingWhen they are in large groups, two fishes pair together and produce eggs at the surface of the water. They lay up to 3000 eggs at a time. These eggs can hatch in half a day. Just imagine the feeling of close of 2000 + fries swimming your tank along their parents (no words can describe this feeling)
Common DiseasesInternal Parasites in the tank or applied salt is what you have to watch out for as it can sometimes make the fishes lose their appetite and make them panting. 30% water change on a daily basis for a week should resolve this problem
Approximate CostDepending on the season they cost from 17 to 20 USD and in Southeast Asia, you can get them at 1/3 of the USA price
What to look when buyingCheck for the variations in the pattern of dark markings.
Species in the MarketThere are 2 varieties available in the market – Toxotes jaculator which is 12 inches and Toxotes blythii which are 6 inches

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