Jaguar Cichlid is not a common fish that are kept in the aquarium because of its aggressive behavior. They also grow larger in size hence requiring larger tanks. This beginner’s guide will help you understand the fish better so that you can become a prepared owner for this majestic cichlid

Jaguar Cichlid Fish – Overview

Common NameThis fish is commonly called Managuense cichlid or Aztec Cichlid. They are also called Guapote Tigre.
Scientific NameThe scientific name of this fish is Parachromis managuensis.
Habitat or OriginThis is a freshwater species. This has its origin in Central America and Lake Managua.
Average SizeThe fish can grow up to a size of 14-16 inches. they can reach up to 2 or 3 feet in length.
ColorationThe appearance of this fish changes with age. As young ones, the fishes are pale golden silver in color. Black bands are wrapped around the back of the fish. As the fish gets older the bands turn into dots. Later large splotches of black will appear.
Life SpanThe life span of this fish is 15 years. But the life span can be extended for a year or more if committed to this fish by taking care of it properly.
DietFrom their young age, they can be made to eat flakes and pellets. They can also be given feeder fish, insects, worms, and cricket. They can also be given dry and frozen food.
Gender IdentificationMales have extended dorsal fins and anal fins. Males are also noticeably larger in size compared to the female.
BehaviorThe temperament of this fish is aggressive. They do not like other fish coming their way. They go to an extent of even killing them.
CompatibilityAs these are aggressive fishes, they can be kept with other cichlids like Red devil, Flowerhorn, Convict, Green Terror, Oscar, etc. But the best pair for this fish is other Jaguar Cichlid.
Ideal Tank ConditionsThe size of the tank can be 70 gallons. However, ideally, 100- 125 gallons is fine. A thick layer of the sand substrate is best for this fish. The tank can also have rocks and driftwood.  But they should be kept tight as the fish can uproot everything.  A strong pup in the tank is required as this will replicate the natural condition.
Water ParametersThe temperature of the water can be around 73 – 82 degrees F. the pH can range from 7.0 – 8.0. Water hardness can be 10-15.
BreedingBreeding of this is very easy as it naturally happens. Water temperature can be increased to a few degrees. High-quality live food can be given. The female lays about 2000 orange eggs at once. The male fertilizes the egg. The eggs hatch in 5 to 7 days. The parents are very protective of their young ones.
Common DiseasesThe common diseases are Ich and Plague. Ich can be seen as white dots on the body. This can be avoided by maintaining the water quality.
Approximate CostThis aquarium fish costs approximately $7 to $ 12 depending on the size and the wild-caught fish are 1.5 times more expensive
What to look when buyingIf you are an experienced person go for this fish. Otherwise, this is not a better choice. Buy juvenile pairs of this fish so that they can bond together in the tank. check if the fish is healthy without any disease.
Species in the MarketOther cichlids in the market are Red devil, Flowerhorn, Convict, Green Terror, Oscar, etc.

Gallery of Jaguar Cichlid Fish