Echinodorus palifolius aquarium plant grow emeresed. The general note is that they are not suited for closed tanks.  The beginner’s guide for echinodorus palifolius aquarium plant will help understand the nature of the plant and how to use and maintain them in the home aquarium

Overview of echinodorus palifolius plant

Common NameThis plant is commonly called Mexican Sword.
ColorThe leaves are fresh green in color.
Habitat/OriginThe plant is native to South America. They are mostly found in Eastern and central Brazil. They are habitat to marshy land.
Average SizeThe plant can grow up to a height of 20-30. Under the water, the leaves are narrower and longer up to 20-40 cm.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is fast.
PlacementThe plant grows longer and taller. Hence it is better to use this plant as a background plant.
MaintenanceThe leaves should be trimmed often so that they remain underwater. The leaf which comes out of the tank should be trimmed. This will make the next upcoming leaves grow shorter. When they come out of the tank and the air humidity is low, the leaves dry out.
Planting MethodsThey can be planted in loose groups. They can also be planted as specimens in the tank.
Ideal SetupThe plant can grow well in nutrient-rich substrate. But this is not mandatory. The substrate can be fertilized with commercial fertilizers. The iron-rich substrate is beneficial.
Care LevelCare level is easy. They require regular partial water change.
SupplementsCo2 requirement is low. They would need 15-25 mg per liter. The plant can grow even without supplements. 
LightingThey demand medium lighting.
Water temperatureThe water temperature for this aquarium plant is 20- 28 degrees C. pH tolerance is 5.5-8. Water hardness can be from 0-30 dH.
PropogationThe aquarium plant produces adventitious plantlets. These plantlets can be removed and grown into new plants. O land they can be propagated by seeds. They can also be propagated by dividing rhizomes.
Approx. CostThey cost approximately $3 to $5 in the USA and approximately 6 euros in Europe. However, in Asian countries, they cost almost half the price in the USA.
Common DiseasesThere are no devastative diseases for this plant. The leaves of the plant dry out when they come out of the tank.
What to look for when buyingCheck if the leaves are healthy and green. This plant can adapt itself to the substrate.
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