Cory Catfishes are very easy to maintain. They can also get along with so many fishes and hence it is best suited for a community tank

Why need a beginner’s guide for Cory catfish? Cory catfishes are a friendly species for fish hobbyists who love to have many types of fishes in the aquarium. This beginner’s guide gives information on growing Cory catfishes

Corry Catfish – Overview

Common NameCorry cats
Scientific NameCorydoras
Habitat or OriginThe origin is South America but is found in ponds, rivers, marshes typically slow-moving waters
Average SizeTheir size ranges from 1 inch to 3 inches. But this size depends on the type of Cory fish
ColorationThe Cory catfishes are available in 4 different colors. They are green, bronze, black, and albino
Life SpanUnder proper conditions, the fishes can live up to 5 years. It is very rare that the fishes might die in a short period after adding to the tank. But this is not a condition applicable to all types of fishes
DietThe diet of the Catfishes includes pellets and flakes. They can also be fed on leftovers but only on a minimal amount. The fishes should be fed so as to finish their food in 5 minutes
Gender IdentificationThe females are larger in size which is around 3 inches. Males are generally 2.5 inches
BehaviorThough Corys swim at night, they are more active during the day. Sometimes they lay motionless in the same place. They are also seen mostly going down near the bottom of the tank to scavenge food. They also move up to the surface of the water to grasp some air and swiftly move down to the bottom. Two or more Cory fishes have a great synchronization among themselves while swimming
CompatibilityThey are peace-loving fishes hence can be with other cory fishes. They can be with a wide range of other fishes which include Vampire Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Mystery Snail, Jack Dempsey, Ghost Shrimp, Tetras, Swordtails, Nerite snails, etc
Ideal Tank ConditionsCory fishes can live in a minimum of a 10-gallon aquarium. In larger tanks also they can survive. They need gravel or substrate of 2 inches. They also like when there are hiding places that can be made possible with plants in the tank.
Water ParametersAlthough the fishes can adapt to a wide range of temperatures, their comfortable temperature is around 72 – 78 degree F and the aquarium pH can be 7.0-7.8
BreedingThe females lay eggs. As soon as they lay eggs, the fishes should be shifted to another tank because they tend to eat their own eggs. The eggs can be kept in the breeding tank with no decoration at all. They hatch in 3-5 days. Water conditioner alone can be used to clean the water
Common DiseasesPoor water conditions can lead to bacteria growth. The fishes develop white patches around their barbells and mouth. This should be treated immediately. Otherwise, there is a possibility for the fishes to die.
Approximate CostThey are not too expensive. One Cory catfish would cost around $3 to $5 in the USA and in Southeast Asia, it cost around the same price
What to look when buyingCheck if the fishes are healthy. Unhealthy fishes have damaged eyes, fins, and tail. So make sure they have both eyes. Near the mouth, the fishes have Barbels. When buying see that these barbells are complete
Species in the MarketBronze Cory Catfish, Panda cory catfish, Julii cory catfishes are some of the species available in the market

Gallery of Cory catfish