This is an easy plant for beginners and is very compatible with many fish types 

Why we need the beginner’s guide for the green gnome plant? The water parameters are not too rigid. But the optimum conditions help in better growth of this plant which is seen in the following beginner’s guide

Green Gnome plant

Common NameThis plant is popularly called Java Fern.
ColorThis plant is a traditional green-colored plant.
Habitat/OriginThe origin of this plant in South East Asia. This grows on rocks, ground, and tree trucks which is near the waterline.
Average SizeThey can grow up to 13 -14 inches. the width is from 6 – 8 inches.
Growth RateThe growth rate of this plant is slow. This is one of the reasons this plant is chosen to be grown in the tank.
PlacementThe plant can be kept in the mid-ground of the tank. they can also be kept in the background.
MaintenanceIf you want a dense look, allow the plant to spread its rhizomes and develop into new plants. If you want small and separate plants, remove the new plantlets.
Planting MethodsThe plant can be placed on the surface of the driftwood. Any other smooth surface would take a longer time to attach. Do not bury the plant in the substrate. The roots can be tied to the driftwood or the chosen object with a fishing net. The plant can be placed individually or in a group.
Ideal SetupThe minimum tank size should be 10 gallons for this plant to grow. They do not require much Co2. Filters can be kept for them to get proper oxygen.
Care LevelThe care level of this plant is very easy. Regular maintenance depends on how you want the plant to appear.
SupplementsThis aquarium plant does not require any nutrient-rich substrate or any added fertilizers nor Co2 injections. It grows well with the available nutrient from water.
LightingThe lighting requirement of this plant is low. But a little greater the intensity, darker the color of the leaves. Subdued florescence or incandescent bulbs are sufficient for this plant. 1.5 or 2 watts is enough.
Water temperatureThe temperature of the water should be from 68 to 82 degrees F. the pH can range from 6.0-7.0. the PH can be from 3-8.
PropogationThe rhizome can be cut in half and replant the cut sections. The plant can grow separately. Sometimes black spots develop on the underside of the leaf which is known to be tiny java ferns produced by the plant itself.
Approx. CostThe plant is available for $5-$20 and the price depends on the bunch size.
Common DiseasesIt is close to impossible for this plant to die except when they are buried in the substrate. Burn spots sometimes develop in the plant. They can be removed by pruning. The plant sometimes melts due to too much light or too many blue-green algae. In the tank.
What to look for when buyingThe size of the plant should be 3-5 inches. A healthy plant should be chosen. A healthy plant should not have brown edging and the leaves should look healthy.
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