This plant is big in the tank creating a focal point for those who look at the tank. The plant can grow in an emersed or submerged state. They are not demanding plants hence easy to grow. 

Why we need a beginner’s guide for the echinodorus cordifolius plant? This plant grows tall and sometimes the leaves lose their coloration. To know how to maintain the plant and keep it healthy the beginner’s guide is a must

Echinodorus Cordifolius plant

Common NameThis plant is commonly called creeping burr head. It is also known by other names such as Elephant’s ear, Texas mud baby, and spade leaf sword
ColorThe leaves are dark glossy green in the emersed plant. in the submerged plant, the leaves are bright green in color
Habitat/OriginThe origin of this plant is Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. It is also located in Mexico and the northern part of South America. Their habitat is swamps, marshes, and ponds which have rich, muddy substrate
Average SizeThe plant can reach a height of 122 cm that is 4 feet with large leaves under favorable conditions.
Growth RateThe growth rate of the plant is medium. They can however grow fast with extra lighting and Co2 dosage.
PlacementThe plant can be placed in the background of the tank. It is also a good pond plant.
MaintenanceThe roots should be pruned regularly in order to maintain their height. The rhizomes can be divided into mature plants and can be re-planed.
Planting MethodsThe seeds can be planted in the sand in humid conditions and shallow warm water.
Ideal SetupHumid conditions like wet and warm shallow water is an ideal setup. The pot that contains the plant should have a good mixture of leaf molds, peat, and clay.
Care LevelThis live aquarium plant is easy to grow
SupplementsThe substrate should be rich. An additional supplement is not much required. Sometimes commercial plant food can be given if the plant shows signs of a lack of nutrients. Co2 injection can boost plant growth. But this is not mandatory
LightingThe plant when grown emersed will require 12 hours of lighting per day. However, in the submerged state, they require low lighting
Water temperatureThe plant requires a temperature between 10 – 27 degrees C(50 – 81 degrees F) the pH and hardness level are not critical
PropogationOne way of propagation is by the seeds that are formed by the flowers on the plant. Another way is by snipping off and planting the adventitious plant that forms along the inflorescence in warm and humid conditions
Approx. CostThe cost of this live aquarium plant is approximately $7.50. They are 5.99 Euro in European countries. However, in Asian countries like India, they cost Rs. 85 per piece
Common DiseasesAn insect bite is common for this plant. But they can be washed off. The leaves sometimes turn transparent due to a lack of nutrients. Adding commercial food to the plant restore the lack
What to look for when buyingThere are similar varieties of this plant available, please make sure to pick the right variety depending on the tank size
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