Many hobbyists wish to possess Assassin Snail, as they get rid of other snails, which is a huge problem in planted aquariums. Their attractive patterns and low-maintenance nature make them an excellent addition to a variety of aquariums!

They’re also easy to care for, look great, and will get rid of any pest snails that are in your aquarium.

Due to their good looks and their nature (to get rid of other snails), people love to grow them. Hence, there are many questions on how to raise them healthily, and in this post, we have answered the top 13 questions that hobbyists have while buying them.

13 FAQs on Assassin Snail Answered

Is an assassin snail easy to grow?

Good water conditions and plenty of food, make Assassin snail care easy.

What size of the tank is advisable for an Assassin snail?

You need to keep Assassin snails in small groups of 5-6 in a tank. Hence the ideal size would be 30 gallons. The substrate should also be finer as these snails like to burrow and hide under the soil.

What should you do for the safety of Assassin snails?

Provide a good tank cover or lid to stop Assassin snail from escaping from the fish tank.  

What foods do Assassin snail-like?

Assassin snails like to eat Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Ramshorn Snails, and pond snails which move. They also like fish flakes, blood worms, and other protein-rich supplements.

Does Assassin snail eat plants in an aquarium?

No. There is no danger to plants in an aquarium, as they have no interest in eating plants.

How does Assassin snail Reproduce?

Assassin snail lays eggs in freshwater. These snails lay an egg at a time that is yellow in color and they get fixed to hard subjects like aquarium glass, driftwood, etc. After a period of two months, the egg hatch, and the baby snails hide themselves in the substrate.

What are the common mates of Assassin snails?

Middle-level community fishes like cherry barbs, celestial danios, guppies, neon tetras, gourami, and rainbow fishes. They also live together with cory catfish, Otocinclus Catfish, small freshwater clams, and larger Asian Gold Clams.

Does Assassin snail eat/kill another assassin snail?

They suffer from many common freshwater health issues, such as Ich and parasitic infections. With proper tank maintenance, these diseases can be avoided/controlled.

How long can an Assassin snail live without food?

Most snails live up to 3 weeks to a couple of months without food.

What is the life span for an Assassin snail?

A healthy assassin snail can live up to 2 years

What is the cost of an Assassin snail?

The cost of an Assassin snail is around $ 3 in the USA

What should you avoid while buying Assassin Snail?

Avoid buying Assassin snails that are floating and which are not moving in the bottom of the tank as these snails may be dead or sick. Therefore, avoid buying Assassin snail which has cracked or damaged in the shells.

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