Argentine pearl killifish, are very attractive and it is very easy to identify the males and female fishes as they are different in colors. Like this, there are many facts about the fish and if you would want to keep them in your aquarium healthy this precise beginner’s guide would come in handy.

Pearl Fish – Overview

Common NameThe other common name of this fish is blue chromide. They are also called Argentine Pearl Fish.
Scientific NameCynolebias Bellotti is the scientific name of this fish.
Habitat or OriginThey are native to South America and Africa. The habitat is freshwater.
Average SizeThey are approximately 6-7 cm(2.4-2.8 inches)
ColorationThe color of the male’s body is dark blue and blue-green on the fins. Pearly white spots are sprinkled on the body and fins. The female body is yellow-green in color. They have brownish stripes.
Life SpanThese fishes do not live for long. They live for only about 0.5 – 1 year.
DietThese aquarium fishes can be fed with commercially available flakes and pellets. They can also be fed with live or frozen food. Brine shrimps, bloodworms, daphnia, glass worm, and white worm can also be given.
Gender IdentificationGender identification can be easily made by the coloration of the fishes. Refer to the coloration of the fish given above.
BehaviorThe behavior of pearl killifish is that they get their life out of a dry pond. They grow mature quickly, reproduce its off springs by their eggs and die. This has been recorded for about 10,00,000 years.
CompatibilityThese fishes are usually grouped with killifish.
Ideal Tank ConditionsThey require a tank that is filled with rainwater for them to reproduce. The tank can have plants and driftwoods.
Water ParametersThe temperature of the pearl killifish should be 60-68 degrees F. the pH is 3-7.
BreedingBreeding of this fish requires a temperature of 72 degrees F and water should be brackish. The substrate should be peat bottom. The female killifish lays eggs immediately after which they are fertilized by the males. The eggs hatch in 3 to 4days. Pure rainwater should be poured into the breeding tank. the young ones can be fed with brine shrimp.
Common DiseasesNo fatal diseases have been recorded for these pearl killifish so far
Approximate CostThe fish costs approximately $4.99 in USA and in India, they cost lesser.
What to look when buyingThe fishes come as eggs in peat bottom when they reach you, they will hatch and become fish.
Species in the MarketThe killifish subspecies available in the market are cynolebias bellottii and Cynolebias nigripinnis.