Rummy Nose Tetras are colorful fishes which give a beautiful display when kept in a group. They require a clean tank. If they are unclean, the color can sometimes fade away. They also tend to catch illness sooner. The beginner’s guide will tell how to maintain the fishes and the tank.

Rummy Nose Tetra Fish – Overview

Common NameRummy Nose Tetras are commonly called firehead tetra.
Scientific NameThey are scientifically called Hemigrammus rhodostomus.
Habitat or OriginTheir origin is South America. They live in Rio- Vaupes River in Columbia and the Brazilian Rio Negro River. They are also found in the Amazon river.
Average SizeThese are smaller fishes that are approximately 2 inches (5cm). Some fishes are smaller than this.
ColorationTheir body is silver in color. At the end of the body, in the tail region, they have black and white stripes. They also have a red spot on its head.
Life SpanTheir life span is from 6 to 8 years in a healthy condition.
DietThey eat granules and dried flakes. They can also be fed tubifex and bloodworms for a change. They can be fed twice a day.
Gender IdentificationMales and females cannot be differentiated by the hobbyist. They can be given to a specialist to identify gender.
BehaviorThese fishes swim in the middle of the tank. They are stressed by bright lights and fishes that pester them unnecessarily.
CompatibilityThey are peaceful fishes. They can be with Neon Tetra, Betas, Cardinal tetra, Black Neon Tetra, and Angel Fish.
Ideal Tank ConditionsThe substrate can be fine-grained. They can have live plants. The heater alone is sufficient. The filter is not required. The tank size could be 20 gallons. This is because they like to swim around in plenty of space.
Water ParametersThe water temperature should be between 76 – 80 degrees F or 24- 27 degrees C. The water pH should be 6.4 – 7. The water should be soft acidic in nature.
BreedingBreeding these fishes is difficult as they require special conditions. The mating pair should be kept in the breeding tank. The tank should have plants. The water should be a combination of normal water and rainwater mixed together in an equal ratio. Turfy Brew should be added before pouring it into the tank. The water hardness should be lowered. The temperature should be raised by 1 or 2 Celsius. The male hunts for the female in the breeding tank. Once they do this, the female moves under a leaf and lay 6-7 eggs at a time. This happens several times till the color becomes pale. The parents should be taken out. The tank should be darkened. The eggs hatch in 6-8 days. They take at least 6 months to feed daphnia.
Common DiseasesDropsy and ich are common diseases of the fish. When the fish is affected with Dropsy is they swell up as fluid is accumulated in the body. Ich can be spotted by the white spots on the body.
Approximate CostThey cost approximately $4 per fish. But they can be cheaper when bought in groups. They are available both online and in pet stores.
What to look when buyingThe three species of fishes are almost similar to each other. The main criteria to identify Rummy Nose Tetra are that they are no larger than 2 inches.
Species in the MarketBrilliant Rummy Nose and False Rummy Nose are the available species in the market. Though they differ mildly, their care level is different.

Gallery of Rummy Nose Tetra Fish