Aponogeton plant is one of the most used aquarium flowering plants, it is also very special due to its rhizomes.   The Plant has its Origin from Africa, Asia, and regions of Oceania. These plants are grown by rhizomes and seeds.

Aponogetonfrom Africa & Asia have a rest period (ie. Stops growth) (Rhizomes), for about two to three months, then sprouts are found in Rhizomes and new plants appear is being adapted by many new hobbyists due to their ease to grow and there are many questions which hits the hobbyist and in this post, we have answered the most asked 9 questions about this plant

What type of tank do you need for Aponogeton?

A tank of a minimum of 10 gallons is needed for growing Aponogeton.

How do you grow Aponogeton?

Aponogeton is quite easy to take care of and suitable for beginners. Place the bulb in a paper towel that is moist and keep this bag on something warm. In just a couple of days, you will find the sprouts coming out of the bulb, the roots will follow later. Now prepare the substrate to 2-3 deep. Bury half of the sprouted bulb in the substrate which is 2-3 inches deep, within 5-6 days leaves will start appearing. Another way is to drop the bulb into the fish tank without burying them. Within a few days, you can see sprout appear.

Does Aponogeton need to be planted?

Yes, the Aponogeton plant has to be planted in the substrate. Bury the bulbs just deep enough to hold the bulbs in the substrate. Depending on your scape use Aponogeton in the background or mid-ground.

How much light does Aponogeton need?

Aponogeton likes low light, and controlling the light will prevent overgrowth. A minimum of 10-watt floodlights for a 10-gallon tank.

What is the water condition needed for Aponogeton?

Aponogeton being tropical plants, they do well with a temperature of 68 to 72°F and a pH of 6.5 -7.5.

What benefit does Aponogeton provide to an Aquarium?

They create a good hiding place due to their thick leaves. Aponogeton eats any nutrient in the tank, so they lower the level of ammonia and nitrate. They also prevent the growth of algae.

Do Betta fish like Aponogeton?

Yes, Betta fish love Aponogeton. They provide hiding places for Betta fish. Betta fish enjoys resting on top of leaves as betta fish like to sit on the leaves of Aponogetons

Do Goldfish eat Aponegeton?

Aponogeton has soft leaves, goldfish like to eat a bit of them. Due to the munching habit of goldfish, they tend to eat almost anything and Aponegeton is no exception to them.

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